Raps of the Christopherian Realm #24 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

After the sounds of
Such extreme violence
The residents of Fort GHOAT
Could only hear silence
“What has happened?
Should we check outside?
Surely Chris would come back in
If he’s alive.”
“I hope, my friend,
That you are right,
Because if not, I suspect
That none of us survive.”

A small band of survivors
Was off-planet
Keeping low profile
Surveying the damage
They had little
By way of armor and ammo
But standard issue body armor
And green camo
And they were sleeping
And creeping in tall grass
But anything they met
Would be breathing its last
They were the best of the best
And hard core
The last best hope of ever
Ending the war
But what could they do
Against gods?
Best they could use
Was everything they’d been taught
Resistance Regiment
Had special forces tactics
Specially trained by
The late Agent Tack and
Would step forward
When others would move back and
You could say these soldiers
Could hold the total package
The time was past
For straight battles
Assassination had to
Free them of their shackles
And there was only
One target clear:
To save the Realm
They had to take down Thea
Or if not,
They could disappear
And show up like fire
When their presence was required
But they had watched
The fight on Planet C
And knew that the people
In Fort GHOAT would need them
So that became
Their primary mission
To save whoever’s left
Is not even a decision…

Thea returned to talk
To King Christopher
Consumed by desire,
He attempted to kiss her
She pushed him back
And said, “Perhaps instead,
You should listen to the words
Of my lips: his reign is dead.
And now our Realm
Is nearly secured.
But we have to kill Christina
And the rest to be sure.
We have to stop them
From sneaking off-planet
But their fort cannot be destroyed
Even by cannon.
We could leave them there
Until they starve
But I’m not really sure
They would come to any harm.
Despite our fight,
Chris still didn’t die.
So what is the source
Of his power to survive?
I’ve tried to find it
But it feels like I’m blinded
I never learned all his secrets
From my assignments.
And this darkness only
Grants me power.
It doesn’t give me knowledge
To open Chris’ tower.
So for now, my love,
I must go,
Until the Realm’s completely
Under my control…”

“And so it goes
When they want control,”
Scepter said, “With the race of
Women, ever so.
I have watched
As their power has grown
And the cowards among us
Have lost their backbone.
They may as well be
Living back home,
With a woman in a muumuu
Telling them what they should do.
Instead of seeing
What needs to be done,
They load up the clips
And hand women their guns.
But that was then–
That era is at an end.
When a scepter goes through your spine,
You can’t defend.
And at last,
Chris is now at his weakest.
Without Christoph’s interference,
I can beat him.
And the future will no longer
Be relevant,
For only he who rules the past
Can really tell of it…”

Queen Christina
Was wondering what to do
When her tech expert
Returned from the computer
He’d just decrypted
A chip most terrific
Some top secret data
That before had been missing
A new schematic
A blueprint for Fort GHOAT
Some new information
They didn’t know before, though
It was embedded in
Starlit’s hard drive
“With help like that
It feels like she’s still alive.
Everyone, it’s time
For us to leave.
I’ve found a secret exit
So we can get free.”
Further still, Chris
Kept a lot of secrets
Even from the King and Thea,
It would seem
There was data
But it was incomplete
About a special crystal
Buried deep beneath
The Colonel’s Bureau
On Planet CBP
And Queen Christina figured,
“That’s where we need to be.”
She told her people,
“Gather up your supplies.
We’ll be going on a trip
That will last a long time.
And if all goes well,
Then we will find
A tool that will save us all
From Thea’s lies.”

And so they went forth
In search of answers
And Empress Thea
Tracked them quietly, like a panther
She figured they must have
Been ecstatic
To find an escape route
That wasn’t on schematics
And given that Chris
Hadn’t revealed it
She figured that the tunnels
Must be heavily shielded
She could tear them out
And throw them into space
But the people still loved her–
She had to keep their faith
Despite the fact that
She shouldn’t have known it,
In truth, she knew exactly where
Christina was going
She would go straight there
To intercept her
And prove to her once and for all
Who was better…

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