Raps of the Christopherian Realm #25 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

So what happened
During the few months
That Christopher was missing?
Well, it’s really something
So let us return
To the winter
The aftermath of
The MCI Center
There was a massive amount
Of space debris
And recovery shuttles
Were bringing some to the fleet
And most often
The shuttles were like coffins
There was little good news
And the blows could not be softened
But one hopeful thing
Actually happened–
They recovered a ship still intact–
The Space Captain
And though a hole had been blown
In the cockpit
The charred remains
Were still approached with caution

It looks pretty bad,
But the robot here
Is only missing a right hand.
Request permission
To return him to the fleet
There might be a chance
Get Tough is not deceased.”
“Permission granted, shuttle–”
“Belay that order!
This is Corporal Thea
So don’t end up in hot water.
Even if he is in
Good condition
We can’t be sure it’s safe
To bring him to this position.”
“Excuse me!”
Queen Christina then replied,
“You are not in a command position!
Step aside!”
“I apologize if I
Stepped on your pride,
But I wonder if your grief
Might be clouding your mind.”
“I advise you to
Keep this channel clear.
There are only two people
In command status here.”
“I am well aware
Of your command.
King Christopher authorized me
To countermand.”
“Your Highness, is this
Really true?”
“It is,” the King said,
“So do as you’re told to.
Take only what we need
From those folks,
But we must return home–
Congress still has to vote.
And with Chris missing,
Maybe gone,
A new star has risen
For us to gaze upon.”
“So you’ve achieved your ambition.
You’ve stacked the deck
For yourself, in this decision.
Very well,
I will humble myself.
It is the will of the people
Above all to be upheld.”

Then Christina pulled a phone
And clicked it
It sent a transmission out
Completely encrypted
“Rescue Shuttle 1,
Is this a secure line?”
“Go secure, Your Highness.
What did you have in mind?”
“My orders are to
Return as instructed.
Your shuttle’s ill-equipped,
So return home with nothing.”
“By your command–”
“And discuss this with no one.
I’m not entirely sure
The government can go on.
Something here
Is about to change.
Do not approach Concourse One
Stay out of range.”

And then the Queen
Took a moment to sit
She had to follow orders
Or be declared as unfit
She prepped orders
For some special commandos
A classified mission
Only they could handle
They would maintain stealth
In this region
And when the time was right
Find a way for retrieving
It was possible
That Chris still lived
And if they abandoned him
He would never forgive them
“All commands:
Request we form up.
Titan’s Bellow, ready–
Let’s get back to normal.”
“I agree,” the King said,
“It’s time to leave.
I believe we achieved
Our goal of being free.
Our sacrifice was not in vain,
My friends.
I am now convinced
That our war is at an end.”

Eventually, all the
Salvaging was done
And Warhammer, Christopher Star
And Concourse One
Reunited underneath
The shellship
And left as it protected them
Just like a helmet
And the thing that scared
Christina most was
They passed by
The other battle stations like a ghost does
Nothing fired
And nobody pursued them
She wondered if they really knew
What they were doing
What if Thea never really
Came back,
Or she made some kind of pact
So they wouldn’t be attacked?
It was a pointless debate
Without facts
No reason to ask
While debating in a vacuum
She wondered if
She could get some relief
If perhaps Corporal Thea
Would submit to debriefing
She did assure them
That she would explain
Maybe they could trust her
Maybe they were safe
The Queen could only hope so
Or pray–
But to whom, with the knowledge
That they now had a goddess?
And so Christina
Silently made a promise
That she would keep an eye out
For anything dishonest…

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