Summer Sun

Held a cup of your Kool-Aid
That reminds me of your school days
I know you’ll be moving away soon
And I know I’ll be going, too
I hope a long time before you
As parents are often wont to do
Though it’s not what we want to do

Remember all your favorite things
The crazy things you’d say to me
The playful innocence preserved in youth
The sound of bare feet running
That would tell me you’re a-comin’
How empty life will be without you

And have I given enough time,
Enough of wisdom from my mind
To get you to the place you need to be?
I may not live to see it, but
I know I can believe it, ’cause
I’ve felt it whenever you look at me

As you’re riding on your toy car I know
That with your dreams, you’ll go far, so
Every step my love will be with you
From nowhere it became apparent
All the depth of love I’m carrying
Like hands upon your shoulders
To see you through

Our time is temporary
Soon everyone is buried
But your tomorrow’s what
I’ll leave behind
Maybe your load will be lighter
And your hopes a little brighter
‘Cause you’re the summer sun
That makes me shine
And I’m really awful glad
That you are mine

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