Raps of the Christopherian Realm #26 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

When everyone got home to Planet C
A ceremony
Honoring the dead was held
With much testimony
Of all the brave men and women
Now in linen
Some had children
And some had no descendants
“So many beloved
Here reduced to nothing.
But they believed the struggle
Was much worth the trouble of it.
And although here
We bury our friends,
We can rest safely knowing
Our fight is at an end.
So let us mourn the loss
Of those who gave us
Their lives in the stars–
Let us honor all our brave ones.”

And so the Kingdom’s flag
Was then changed
The lightning bolt through its center
Would remain
But on top of it
They placed a star
To remember where the soldiers before
Proved what they are
“And what they are
Is living–
Through us they will live
In the freedom we’ve been given.
Now before you lies
A great decision,
So remember as you pick one,
Our fallen brothers’ wisdom.
To just elect someone
Is not enough.
You have to choose a leader for yourselves
That you can love.”

And so Congress
And all the people promised
To search for a leader
Who was truly good and honest
But all their eyes
Could see was her
Only Corporal Thea
Could ever be a proper leader
But some of them felt
It wasn’t quite clear
Should they choose her
Because of love, or out of fear?
And Queen Christina
Was the foremost among them:
“We should never choose
A leader because they’re strongest.
Power alone is all in vain
If beneath all the power
No conscience yet remains.
But your decision
Is yet to be seen,
And whoever you choose,
I will yield to as your Queen.”

She didn’t quite believe it
As she said it
But she knew that to Thea
Even she was indebted
And quietly she was
Amassing an army
Of those who believed
Thea’s power was alarming
To be sure,
She was lovely and charming
But if put to the test
She could do some major harming
So the debates raged on
Quite a contest
Until an intermission
Was declared for the process
Christina got a message and
Stepped outside to check it
Little did she know
Of the danger unexpected
Once she was gone
Someone hid a bomb
Inside the very heart
Of Congressional Hall
Their plan was clear
And without hesitation
The hall was destroyed
By a massive detonation…

He couldn’t hear
There was ringing in his ears
King Christopher had
Somehow been thrown clear
And there was blood
Running down from his ear
And people screaming out
Not knowing what it was about
And then he saw the bodies
That were missing
Various limbs–most of them
Were not living
Thea approached and said,
“Are you alright?
Can you hear me?
We have to get you out of sight!
Somewhere among us
Is an unknown villain–
Someone is using terror
As their method of killing.
Until we locate
The person perpetrating
It’s best for you to go
To a place that may be safest.”
And then Christina slowly
Walked through the smoke
She was so shaken up
At this blow to their hope
And then the King
Pointed at her and spoke,
“Strange that you had
Gone outside ‘fore the explosion!”
Thea said, “Let’s not
Start accusing.
We have to find the truth–
Only facts will be soothing.
For now, Your Highness,
We should be moving.
Your Majesty, My Queen–
That’s what we should be doing.
We don’t know if
The target was one of us
Or if it was in fact
An attack on public trust.”

And other questions
Remained to be asked–
Did the perpetrator
Also die in the blast?
Was someone out to sabotage
The election?
Was another force at work,
As yet unconnected?
The regiments were tracking
Remnants of forces
That in the past retreated
Were they now more important?
A lack of answers
Became as if a cancer
Eating away at their now
Dwindling chances
The war was fought
So that there would be peace
But the truth is,
War begets war, it seems
But deep beneath
All the horror and grief
One can only hope the people
Won’t give up on their dreams…

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