Raps of the Christopherian Realm #27 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

After the attack
All memorials were cancelled
Private funerals
Were all that could be safely handled
And for each casualty
They lit a candle
And the King’s accusation
Had created a scandal
People started to hate
Queen Christina
And despite being debriefed
Few really believed her
The King requested
A safety measure–
Cameras were installed
Even in every bedroom
And each day
The bombing was getting replayed
In the hopes of determining
Who actually betrayed
But all the cameras
Were at the wrong angles
The pain of the mystery
Was bad enough to strangle
Whoever did it
Had let the flames consume him
The smoke of the blast
Obscured what he was doing
So whoever he was
He had survived
But without explanation
For why he was alive
The King ordered them
To separate as people
Males and females
Would of course remain equal
But until they could find
His confederates
The King recommended
That they all stay separate
And so the Agency
Was roused from complacency
They watched the cameras
To see–who could the traitor be?
All the people became
Sad and isolated
Then a message went out
To provide their election data
The people voted in line
With all their fears
And after votes were tallied
The decision was clear
The people chose
The most logical leader
A cry went out:
“All hail Empress Thea!
May her rule bring
Justice and peace
And from all fear and death
May there be a relief!”

A smiling Thea
Then appeared on their screens
And explained to the people
Her visions and dreams:
“Today we live
In a state of isolation.
But I promise I
Will bring peace to our nation.
The criminals who violated
Our way of life
Will be found
And after that, I will make it right.
I now expand my power
From its source
And hereby create
A Local Police Force.
They will exist here
To serve and protect
And never again
Will our laws be neglected.
And any terrorist cell
Or those suspected
Will be eliminated–
That is my first directive.
We will give them the mercy
They gave to us.
They will not get a chance
To survive on our trust.
Anyone found neglecting
The curfew–
The LPF will not
Hesitate to hurt you.
For now, remain
In your designated stations.
With my blessing
We will restore our world’s greatness.
We will hunt and wipe out
Any traitors.
Your Empress declares it
And her word is faithful.”

They all echoed
Except for a few
Who were already rebels–
Queen Christina, who had
Voted for herself,
Had gathered all of those
Who supported her as well
Normally the people
Would have resisted
The fact that they didn’t
Told her something was different
The people’s fear was replaced
With blind hope
They no longer asked themselves,
What do we fight for?
Power corrupts, but it can
Also blind them
And with chains unseen
The powerful can bind them
So Christina felt a need
To remind them:
“Don’t be fooled by Thea–
This is a coup.
It was staged just to legally take
Your rights from you.
I’m afraid that she staged
The attack
And then used people’s fear
So she could stand on their backs.”

And then Christina
Put a hand to her chest
As the pain was too much
When she heard this address:
“And her word is faithful!
No denying it!
There remain those few souls
Who are defiant!
To distinguish ourselves
From our enemies,
A new flag is born,
That of our Thean Entity!
And those who claim to remain
Will be forced to explain
Why they name themselves nefarious.
Separate yourselves
From those friends of treason!
Their souls remain here,
But soon, they will be leaving!
And those who feign allegiance,
Don’t believe them–
Your neighbor can’t be trusted
If Thea doesn’t love him.
Truly all rebellions
Are as nothing
These liars and their promises
Will bow before your goddess!
I have given you new life
So be thankful!
Your Empress declares it
And her word is faithful!”

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