Raps of the Christopherian Realm #28 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

One tired foot placed
In front of the other
Chris began his journey
A process to recover
All that was lost
Bring hope to the cause
But what would be required of him
It gave him pause
How could he take back
His home from the heartless
Without ending up
Being drawn to the darkness?
After all they had shared
She betrayed him
And inexplicably
It was Christoph who saved him
There were days and moments
In his life
When he wondered if he knew
Anymore what was right
And as the longest day
Became night
His mind conjured up
A most frightening sight
This wasn’t happening–
He heard a twisted laughter
Saw a dark figure
Who was staring right at him
“You can’t be real–
You’re not even here.
You’re just the product
Of my own imagined fears!”

Oh, no. I’m here,
And I’m real.
I dwell beneath
Every evil thought that you feel.
You kept feeding me.
Of course you believe in me!
With all you have suffered
I am certain you needed me.
And so, here I am,
Declared Scepter,
The hour has come
For us to rule together.
Only when we are one
Can we be saved.
We will never again
Have to live as though we’re slaves.
Let their souls be clothed
In black linen.
Separate the women among you,
And kill them!
His voice became
A tortured echo:
Kill them all! Kill them!
They’ll never accept you!
“You’re insane!
You should be ashamed!
The women aren’t to blame
In spite of what you claim!”
Does it matter,
If murder is what you need?
You want to see them bleed.
You want to see them on their knees.
You want to see their children
Beg and plead
As you end them–
It doesn’t matter what you believe.
The hate within you
Is just the same as me
And I feed off of it
Like the air that you breathe.
You have love for me–
You can’t hope to smother me
Accept my embrace
With the warmth of the brotherly.
Yield to me.
I will sate all your urges.
I will make all our foes
Offer mourning and dirges.
Instead of praying to
A goddess who loves none,
Let them be destroyed
By a god who loves one.
We need serve no one
But ourselves!
With all that you gave them
You know it full well!
At best, they fear you
And don’t want to hear you
And women themselves
Don’t even want to be near you.
Yet you’re magnificent!
You’re brilliant, divine!
Subjecting yourself to them
Denigrates your mind!
And it’s only
A matter of time
Till you wake up and realize
That Scepter was right.

He drew nearer
And whispered in his ear,
If they wish to know it
We can both teach them fear.
Why wait another
Twenty odd years
When our chance to remove
All our chains is right here?
He touched Chris’ head and then said,
Now, join me.
Our ascension together
Is a blessed anointing.
We can end this
Never-ending battle
We can go to the future
And even kill Shadows.
And at last, it will be
You and me
Standing tall at the zenith
Of our final victory.
No need to dream it
Because you have seen it
We would be immortal
As our foes lay defeated.
And our attire
Will be drenched in their blood.
They’ll see this reward
For they give hate as love.
And at last
All the traitors will die
And will carry to the grave
The remains of their lies.
Witness the beginning
Of our salvation.
Join me, and let us
Recreate our nation.

At that Scepter broke
His own scepter in two
And he said, “Rulership
Is what I offer to you.
Take it, my friend
And return to your place!
Our destiny is now
And our reign shall be great!
Chris replied, “We sealed you away
For a reason!
Get behind me,
You son of a demon!
Justice means much more
Than getting even.
And a scepter raised in hate
Gives them nothing to believe in.”
You fool!
Senseless little tool!
Scepter roared,
This is why only one of us can rule!
Everyone on your side
Has now left you!
So if you won’t join me,
I’ll have to possess you!

Scepter’s body disappeared
Into ashes
And atom by atom it
Began to attack Chris
Bearing down with
The weight of his hate
The pain was unbearable
And Chris touched his face
His hand came away
With black ashes
That started to burn up
His hand like it was acid
And Chris was shaking
He fell to his knees
As the ashes took over
His body like a disease
Only death can ever
Bring you relief,” Scepter said,
And every one of them
Is now due to bleed…

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