Premium Fresh

My escape method’s
The tape method
So take lessons
Faith lessened
From fake hateful blessings
The disc spins with
Red lasers–my favorite
I’m at Jesus’ age
When he played dead–
I made it
I’m bringing premium knowledge
Like sweet sausage
The taste is supreme
When I come with the honest
Don’t pay attention
To the beef and bratwurst
‘Cause at first
I just meet their raps with laughter
They clone this
Their chicken raps are boneless
You get ’em stuck between your teeth
And then it’s hopeless
So focus
And find a perfect locus
Escape from the plagues
Like Moses from the locusts
You can listen to this
At your desk
I assure you
The rhymes here are premium fresh

So smooth
I can’t believe I’m not butter
But you don’t cut the mustard
You stand back and mutter
Wonder why? It’s because you don’t like
What I utter,
But I quite enjoy it
I think I’ll have another
But your traditional raps
Are Ragú
I’ll eat your bad pizza
Only if I have to
You’ve been sitting there
Frozen two years
But I don’t get it–
This is what people chose to hear?
About as useful
As bland bowls of noodles
Your expiration date is gone
Like your scruples
It’s about time for a
New man to own you
Ask nicely–
I might have some raps to loan you
You make bread
With all laws forsaken
But cake mix alone
Can’t make a proper safe net
Your lies rise
Like self-rising flour
With rhymes this fine
I should charge by the hour

You dill pickles are fickle
And they forget you
My A-1 Sauce is boss
That you can skip to
I tried to tell the soldiers
I’m still kosher
They want me to roast
Till a slow motion explosion
¿Quiere chorizo?
Es Salvadoreño
Con grande sabor
Y es grande y bueno
The cream cheese’ll please
With bagel dreams
And Corn Flakes sharing
A place with Rice Krispies
You Froot Loops are
Two scoops of losing
Your rhymes got rotten, forgotten
Because they’re putrid
You Pop Tarts
Have got heart to play here
But rhyming means
You actually worked hard to stay here
You can’t hack it
You’re in the snack bracket
You fade into legends
Like a dude named Brakiss
So your flows have frozen
Like ice cream
I’ll put you in a cone or a bowl
With cake and icing
And after that
I’ll wash you down with iced tea,
Gatorade and water–
You can’t hope to be like me

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