Raps of the Christopherian Realm #29

“How is this possible?”
Queen Christina said,
“The tunnel we have found
Stretches miles ahead.”
Consulting data on the screen
In her hand,
She said, “The tunnels lead
All the way to the Barren Lands.
How could anyone
Construct this in secret?
Where did the resources
Come from to complete it?”
And as they walked
They found photos displayed
A mural made in honor
Of the Third Brigade
An ironic display of
Thea, who betrayed them
Christina swallowed her grief
And walked onward
It could take days to walk
And miles farther
What good was a place
For their escape when
They would have to walk
For the entire way?
“Wait,” Christina said,
“There’s something out of place.
That picture of the Third Brigade
Had a mistake.
Lieutenant General Chris
Is more accurately
A member of a different group–
The First Cavalry.”
So they went back
To check out the photo
She reached out to touch it
It requested a passcode
“Uh oh–we’ve got
Less than a minute
To figure out the code
Or automated defenses
Will activate
And our effort to evacuate
Will turn into a
Mad dash away from tragedy!”

The late Starlit didn’t know
About the code
Or she would have included it
In one of her file folders
“Well if I have to guess,
I’ll go with this:
“Code accepted,”
The photograph said.
Arthur scoffed, “You just picked
Six numbers out of your head?”
“No, only two other people
Would understand,”
Christina replied, “Let us
Hope the front door
Doesn’t have the same code
Or Thea could just destroy us.
Then again,” she said,
As the wall briefly shook,
“She would have to know
The right place to look.”
The wall revealed
A small, secret hangar
With a few dozen pods
That could get them out of danger
“Everyone, get a pod.
We must go.
We’ll make groups of three
And we’ll all travel slowly.”

As the dozens of pods
Made their exit
They encountered someone
Who was most unexpected
Empress Thea
Raised a hand as she faced them
Queen Christina’s pod
Then went into a tailspin
It crashed hard
And knocked the queen unconscious
“We seem to have a problem
With traitors. Let’s resolve it,”
Thea said, as she looked
In the distance
An army was approaching–
A force of great significance
It was Garg
Leading remnants of his army
He saw her from afar
And her power was alarming
“I’ve only seen one other
Who can do that,”
Garg said, “So hold your fire
And do not shoot at
This strange woman
Till we see who she is.
Perhaps this is someone
With whom we’ll do business.”

Thea smiled as she
Saw them approaching
“You are trespassing
On my world–encroaching,”
She said, then her eyes landed
On a man
“Very good,” she said,
“You’ve brought the Adablaster.
The original traitor–
What a favor!
Now I don’t have to wait
To kill him later!
You will surrender him now
To my custody,
Or watch as your army
Is crushed into nothing.”
“I accept commands
Only from Christoph.
So whoever you are, my lady,
You can get lost.”
Thea snapped her fingers,
“You can kneel.”
Garg’s legs snapped in two
It was unreal
His soldiers raised their weapons
Much higher
Garg let out a scream
Mixed with pain, “FIRE!”
“NO!” Adablaster yelled,
“Don’t be foolish!
She’d destroy us in an instant!
It would all be useless!
Garg, please!
Let me out these cuffs.
It’s not worth your life
To call this woman’s bluff.
I’ll turn myself in.
There’s nothing left for me–
I’ve lost all my friends.”
Thea said, “So you have.
That’s the price of treason.
And you would have been spared
In a different time or season.”
“No, wait!
You have to listen!”
“Actually, I don’t,” she said,
“I think I’ll kill you…”

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