Raps of the Christopherian Realm #30

The President was watching
From the Agency HQ
The scope of a lone sniper
Fed him a safe view
The crosshairs were focused
On Thea
“I have a shot,” the soldier said,
“And it’s clear.
Do I take it?”
He asked and was met
With brief silence
Beads of sweat gathered
With anticipated violence
“Do I take the shot?”
He asked again.
“Mr. President, Thea
Is no longer our friend.
And we may not get
A better chance.
With all due respect,
This is likely our last.”
“Don’t miss,” The President
Coolly replied.
“It might take our team
Another minute to arrive.
Do what you must,
And come back alive.”
The sniper breathed in
As he counted up to five
His finger squeezed
And he let himself breathe
For an instant–
But saw something he couldn’t believe…

“Shoot! Soldier,
You need to move!”
The President said,
“Double R’s–you, too!”
“Copy that, we’re less than
A klick out.
It’s about to get warm–
Echo Green, get down.”
Thea’s attention on
Killing Adablaster
Distracted her–she sensed
Something coming right at her
A cloud of darkness
That spread across the land
With a speed like the sky
Had been painted by hand
And before she could give it
A full inspection
The sound of a shot
From the other direction
Nearly hit her
But in the same instant
Chris came out of nowhere
And the shot hit him
His scarred face
Screamed like part of it had died
This woman is mine!”
Instead of killing Chris
That blast had empowered him
To beat back Scepter,
Who fell down, nearly cowering
“Aggh,” Scepter simply whispered,
“Seems someone else
Was trying to get her.”
He coughed blood
And then wiped his mouth
And said, “So you both must
Contend with me now.”

Garg saw and he felt
His jaw dropping
“Begin retreat!” he yelled,
“No one can stop him!”
And once more,
His troops turned to leave–
A bomb incinerated some
As quick as a blink
A signal came in
And Chris touched his shoulder
A voice: “Get clear, sir!
This will soon be over!
Unit Charlie Green–
We’re here for an extraction!
Go! Go! Go!
Begin with the attack plan!”
A gunship unleashed
A staccato–
Bursts of laserfire
Blew up tanks
“This is Bravo!
I count forty-five
Down in pods!
We need to form
A perimeter,
Retrieve them, and be gone!”
Garg screamed
And he reached for his side piece
Got three shots to that arm
It dropped beside him
Adablaster kicked him
In the head
Then ducked as they shot up Garg–
He was dead
Adablaster couldn’t reach
For the sidearm
Because he was still hurt–
Garg broke his right arm
When he ripped his hand
Out of its socket
And his other arm
Was tied behind him and they locked it
Another blast happened
And it managed to blind him
He passed out
With no hope of surviving

Chris used the distraction
And grabbed Scepter
Punched him in the face
And they flew off together
Thea turned
And they unleashed their burners
Resistance Regiment
Was bent on disturbing her
She couldn’t block
And was riddled with their shots
She flew off wounded
‘Cause the battle was too hot
“Bravo! We need to clear this!
We’re out in the open
And everyone will hear this!”
“Charlie! Get out now!
When Thea comes back,
You shouldn’t be around!”
“Come on, boys,
It’s time for us to move!
Load up the survivors!
We bang out in two!”

And meanwhile
At Agency HQ
The President was watching:
“They might just pull through.
I think we need to
Clear this facility.
Once Thea tracks them here
With her abilities,
We can expect
A terrible reprisal.
But we authorized this mission
So our friends could survive, so
Give this place a clean sweep–
Be thorough.
We rendezvous with them
At the Colonel’s Bureau.
With any hope,
Chris can hold them both off
And join us there, too
So we can then end it all…”

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