Gotham No Man’s Land (A ‘Winter Wonderland’/’The Dark Knight Rises’ Parody)

Crash this plane
With no survivors
I am Bane
I’ll mess your life up
You’ll stay here and die
The fire will rise
Turning Gotham into no man’s land
Now my men
Are in the sewers
You brought him here
And that was foolish
It’s cost you your life
Your body they’ll find
Floating in a Gotham no man’s land

“Who’s the only one
Who can disarm it?”
“Only me,” he says, and then he’s dead
Now the rich and powerful are broken
And here’s the truth about your Harvey Dent:

He is mad
He threatens children
So the Bat
Is not the villain
Now Gordon resigns
His name is maligned
Liberating Gotham no man’s land
Let’s begin
At Blackgate Prison
Those who’ll serve
Take up a mission
So do as you please
It’s brought to its knees
Enjoy the spoils of Gotham no man’s land

In a truck
We’re transporting a bomb and
We take Gotham back
From the corrupt
It has both a timer
And a button
Any second it might just erupt

I am Bane
The League of Shadows
Brings the pain
To every battle
We fire at cops
And watch as they drop
Gotham City is a no man’s land
You came back
To die with Gotham
And with that
I have no problem
With all these liars
You’ll imagine the fire
Gotham City is a no man’s land

There’s a reason
It’s the worst of prisons
Hope leads many men
Up to their deaths
You have my permission
To stop living
But only after Gotham
Meets its end

You punched my face
And broke my mask up
I’m in pain
There is no gas, so
How did you escape?
I never escaped
I lived for years inside a no man’s land
I am Bane
And I will break you
Unless the Cat-
Woman can save you
How can you love one
Who’s okay with guns?
Never mind–I’m in a no man’s land

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