Raps of the Christopherian Realm #31

The medevac vessels
Were trying to stay level
And approaching atmosphere
The medics were disheveled
Frustrated, awaiting
Some good news
Something other than
Counting dead for them to do
There were multiple cases
Of head trauma
And now there were reports
Of a starfleet bomber
On approach
As a regular patrol
An expression of the Empress’
Tightening controls:

“We are authorized to use
Max force
On your vessels.
You are commanded to change course!
Turn around and be
Escorted for landing.
It’s the way to clear up
This misunderstanding.”

“This is Charlie Green–
Do not fire!
We have some people wounded
And our help is required.
This is a medical ship–”

“But you’re escaping!
If you go out in space
We’re authorized to waste you!
You’re what she warned us about–
The unfaithful!
And traitors take their resting place
Inside the grave, fool!”

“Bombing vessel,
This is now your President.
Attacks on a medical vessel
Are unprecedented.
They depart with
Clearance straight from me.
And I strongly suggest
That you leave them be.
Unless you want me
To share this with the Empress?
She worked here, you know.
I used to sit next to her desk.”

“S-sorry, sir!
Medevac may proceed!”

“Thank you so much.
Charlie Green, with due speed.”

And so Resistance Regiment
Managed to escape
It wouldn’t be the last time
That they would tempt fate…

In the heart of darkness
Blows reaching targets
Chris and Scepter fought
To see who hit hardest
Chris dodges
And Scepter blocks it and drops in
With fists, feet, elbows
And knees bringing scarlet
Time froze
And the ground became a meteor
Scepter grabbed a mound of dirt
And swung it speedier
He hit Chris with
A ton of dirty bricks–
Quite a dirty trick
But it’s the evil
That he’s worried with
Chris swings a fist
And breaks the rocks up
Scepter flies at him
Chris swings and he gets knocked up
Into the sky
Where they let fly the haymakers
Chris just waylays
With a couple of face-breakers
It’s a melee
The hate opened a gateway
It became plain
There’d never be a safe way
To put an end to
This struggle with his enemy
His hands glowing white
He embraced his full energy

You can’t hope
To change the situation!
Scepter said, “I am your
True manifestation!
We should have stood together
Like two towers
Now you will yield
To a much higher power!
And the very same chains
That you gave me
Will be used now to place
Yourself into slavery!
You can’t hate
The same thing you care about
That’s the path
You’ll now face within the Paradox!

Chris blasted him
With beams of white light
Kept blasting till he fell
Through the ground and out of sight
He pursued him
To the planet’s core
The heat was unbearable
They matched blows some more
Scepter grabbed Chris
Put hands on his throat
To another plane of
Existence they would go…

King Christopher
Took a small squad
To look for the Empress
She’d been gone too long:

“We should have given her
Proper guards,
Or at least some kind of escort
That was fully armed.”

“Your Highness, come in.
This is Theta Squad.
We’ve picked up a signal
And something’s kind of odd.
One life form, human,
I would say,
And located in the sector
Seven thirty-eight.”

“Copy that, Theta Squad–
We’re on our way.
Go meet the bomber
That let the ship escape.
And stay alert–
There were signs of a battle.
Garg could be out there
His army has scattered.”

The Empress could be in danger,
The King gathered,
As he looked out the window
His heart nearly shattered
A woman face down
Lying in the grass
With a pool of blood
Beneath her, spreading fast
“Land! Now!”
Came his command
And he raced from his ship
To take Thea’s hand
He turned her over
And her face was pale
He feared she wouldn’t live to
Tell of the tale….

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