Where I go
Is a
Lonely road
It often seems so hollow
And I don’t want you to follow
After me
It’s on my mind
Thing behind
I try hard to be strong
With everything that I’ve done wrong
I can’t go home

There was
You and me
Where we
Used to be
Right where I used to kiss you
Now there’s just a simple picture
From years ago
And then
What a
Useless thing
To be stuck here where I miss you
But it did no good to give you
All I owned

Truth be told
I just
Do not know
All my questions have unraveled
So no path is left to travel
That I see
It makes me cold
Down to
My bitter soul
What was the point of the battle
To end up as broken, scattered


It follows me
Like melancholy
Full of angst and anger
I can see the greatest dangers
But can’t flee
No matter how far I go
They chase me
Until they grab ahold
And won’t release

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