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Put Your Flags Down For Me

I just barely got here
And I’m screaming
Full of hopes and of fears
And things to believe in
Look to you and you fill me
With teachings
Then I look at your life
And what am I seeing?

Well, hopefully,
What I’m hoping to see
Put your flags down
For me

Tell me is the past
More vital than the future?
Is what could be
Less to you than what it used to?
The questions I ask
Are because I’m planning
And the world that we have
I am not understanding

Well, hopefully,
What I’m hoping to see
Put your flags down
For me

I’m not asking for
Global world order
But love shouldn’t end
At our borders
They’re people just like
You and me
Neighbors just under
A different tree
Just wanting to be

This is about our children
We can teach them our skills, then
We can give them new dreams
And watch them fulfill them
This is not about banners
It’s about what matters
Because we won’t have to
See what comes after
But they will
I hope they can still

Well, hopefully,
What I’m hoping to see
Put your flags down
For me
Most importantly,
What I hope it will be
Join your hands now
For me

[Rap]tain Phasma

Don’t mess with
Captain Phasma
She was raised on Parnassos
Stays handling matters
Shiny and chrome
A big deal, in fact and
You fight her
And you’ll end up with fractures
Ice pack on your face
For days after
Being a woman is
Not even a factor
It’s not about the wants
Because she has to
Generals take notes
Whenever she’s in action
She’s got a cold heart
Unlike these blowhards
No nonsense, it’s straight talk
In wartime
Dealing with
These Dug thugs in no time
No difference
Between foes in her mind
Only one goal:
Stay the most vicious
That’s how she’s living
With every single decision
So all you traitors
About to bear witness
Vengeance is now
Her first order of business

Blindsided by Chewie
With a takedown
Held to the blaster
Then forced to take down
Deflector shields
So she got a raw deal
She was dumped in the trash
To be a dianoga meal
She was left to
An uncertain fate
But make no mistake
Her survival takes place
And now
The only place you can
Escape her is heaven
You’re the bad apple here
A little leaven
Now the whole lump
Is spoiled from your deception
You have picked
The wrong side of history
I guarantee you’ll get
A big slice of misery
So don’t gamble on
Canto Bight
‘Cause when we fight
I’ll put you in the brig for life
I’ll make you suffer
And put out your lights
When the First Order cuts your throat
I’ll be the knife

You villagers will die
As an example
Think you can resist?
We’re more than you can handle
A massacre is nothing
But a sample
Our fierce firepower is ready
Able and ample
So you can raise
A fist up if you want
While my troops grab your wrist
And punch you in the gut
It’ll make you
Rethink decisions
Turn in your gun and
Report to my division
And who told you
To remove your helmet?
I keep my operation smooth
Like it’s velvet
And I’m a legend
Or so that’s how they tell it
I let my blaster speak instead–
It hasn’t failed yet
So in conclusion
Pain is in your future
Unless you bow down to Snoke
My troopers bruise you
That’s your only choice
If you refuse to
You’re just another number and
We can afford to lose you

Fear and Living (Live In 4-D)

You might look good
When you’re on paper
But paper tigers don’t
Get fed from the table
So keep your eyes sharp
If you’re able
And don’t turn your back
In the field like Abel
‘Cause brothers love
Taking people out
Trust is an illusion
Erase all your doubts
Try to learn
What this game is about
Life gives you one Hit Point
For the bout
And taking shelter
Will not be allowed
Naps get disturbed
By every noise I’ve heard
Because they built our homes
Like hollow boxes
Every day a different smell
That may be toxic
Though I’ve got no choice
About dozing
It feels just as scary
As leaving my doors open

I got a knock on the door
As I’m dreaming
It’s three a.m.
Do my ears now deceive, then?
There’s a lone cop
Outside my apartment
Open it or not,
I might still be shot, and
I’m also there
In my underwear,
And I almost forgot
Because I was that scared
Turns out
They were at the wrong place
But I saw her reaching
For the piece and now I’m shaken
It could be that easy
To be taken
From this earthly plane and
All from a mistaken
And how such easy access
To the power to end life
Exists is madness
I want to give
The benefit of the doubt
When I’m in my own shoes
I find myself without it

I’m not here
With a social message
I’m not the type of person
To give the life lessons
But what I said above–
A true story
I’ll never know how many
Close calls before me
I feel worse
For my son, though
I gave him a life
In a world where the gun votes
And all opposed
Never get a second option
Daring to hope
Gets you holes from a shotgun
And then you’re dead and forgotten
A name on a plaque
As your skin’s turning rotten
If you can read this,
You’re still here
But the bad news is
That you’re living in some fear
Can’t fight, can’t run
Can’t talk
If you go a little mad
Then I can’t say it’s your fault
Because this world is a tin
Full of mixed nuts
Nobody wins
Very few get what they want
And life should have a sign
Out front:
Better luck next time
Sorry–it’s your last one


Short Story: The Tack #1 – Finale


I entered the laboratory cautiously, wary of an ambush. But there was no sign of anyone.

Except him.

With his back turned to me, Ron showed a casual, chilling unconcern. It tainted the air, a sharp antiseptic even through the mask’s filter.
Everything done led to this moment. Friends, standing with a world between us. A curious reversal, that his perfectly white lab coat contrasts with my darkened defense suit. The villain standing in light and the hero living in darkness.
But darkness is just the space between lights, merely the bridge meant to carry us towards it. I see that now. Though it is a long path, to reach the light, it should be. Endurance is how we achieve justice.
The sound of my footfalls fills the room. The hum of electrical current. The muted city traffic far below.
“Join me,” Ron says, without so much as a fraction of a reaction to my arrival. “You should see.”
I can barely conceal my anger. “Is this the part where you explain your scheme of world domination?”
“It bears no explanation. Look below us, my friend–”
“FRIEND!” My outburst, not a question but a condemnation of the term, carried a near echo. “You killed my wife. You killed my father. You have murdered thousands with your empire.”
“Is this the part where you recount my sins, o judge and executioner?” He remained unperturbed. “I know them all too well. I remember every death. Can you do that?”
I find my rage carrying my feet closer as he continues to talk. “Even now, your memory of the faded and failing marriage degrades, is romanticized into something it never was. Your father neglected you in the name of revenge, and a great many pointless aggravated assaults. Yet you would defend them? Seek to avenge them?”
I slowed my approach. I can’t let him anger me. He wants me teetering over the abyss. “Some of us don’t do vengeance. Some of us learned to live without it.” I take my mask off. There’s little point to it now. “I’m not my father. And you are not his son.   Your father–”
“Gave birth to my father.” He finally turned to look at me, solemn and calculating. I felt unsettled all of a sudden. “My father gave birth to my creator, which in turn created me. No matter. You’re here to stop me from ‘world domination’, I’m here to explain to you that you can’t. And you can’t, you see. I’m already in control of much of the world’s economy, its most powerful leaders. I provide sustenance for billions of people. And I can extinguish them. This process started long before you entered those doors. I needn’t go into further detail, save to say that a healthy percentage of mankind will shortly die. As they ought to.”
“Then why haven’t you killed me yet?”
“You know why. Surely you’ve deduced it by now, or I’ve overestimated you.”
He looked at me, and a trace of the young man I once knew gleamed in those eyes again. I suddenly felt sick inside. “You wanted me to join you.” I bent over, as if the wind had been knocked out of me. “All this death…all to persuade me?”
“Yes. All for your sake.”
“Because you had to suffer firsthand, the grieving of widows, orphans…the loss of brethren.”
“What does that mean?” I trembled with rage. “You were just a kid, you couldn’t have!”
“Of course not. But someone else could have, if properly persuaded. Willis died as the first martyr of our great cause, Kenneth. Your wife was the last. And you, now forged by the fiery wounds inflicted, will stand with me to create a world where none of this happens again. To anyone. Ever.
“No young husband should ever have to hold his dying wife in his arms and see what this world does to the pure and the innocent. No brother should witness an assassination of his own flesh and blood. No son should bury his father so soon. These are the futures we create.”
“Illness,” I groaned as my hands wrapped around his throat. “Why should killing you be wrong at all?”
“It’s not what it would do to me,” he said, “but what it would do to you.”
“Make me feel a whole lot better?”
“You’ll do the same as I, one day, and ask yourself: why stop here? Why is this too far, and not far enough? You think I’m the only monster in the menagerie?”
I growl and squeeze his throat harder. He merely smiles at me, his skin turning red as his circulation slows. “Ash it wash my father,” he gags, “youshallbemyshon…”
I tip over, into the abyss. And then I grab hold of the edge again, loosening my grip. “I’ll not make another murderer.”
“Ah, but you will. You just did. How many more lives are worth your conscience, Kenneth? Are you really so sacred that you would sacrifice these people to yourself? You should be killing me on the idea that it might make a difference, even if it didn’t. We both know it. So do it. Kill your conscience, and save this world you would protect.”
“You’ll get three squares a day, a padded cell, and the world will retain its billions of people. Because that’s not the man I am.” I released my grip on him. “Your plan will be unraveled. Your people locked away and disarmed. Your drugs destroyed, your diseases purged from the innocent. And you will face justice. These things, I promise.
“This day, and all days, I will be a thorn in your side. I’ll save this world from men like you.”
Ron felt the back of his neck, sensed the difference. “What–?”
“The nanites your father injected you with. Or however it happened. A sonic frequency combined with a near-undetectable electrical impulse can shut them down. You have nothing to fight with. And you, like most men like you, value your own life above any so-called plan to save mankind.”
The spotlight of a police helicopter shone brightly in the window. “THIS IS THE POLICE! PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEADS AND SURRENDER IMMEDIATELY, OR YOU WILL BE FIRED UPON!”
Ron knelt down and put his hands on his head. I followed suit. Tactical teams wearing biohazard suits swarmed into the laboratory, fanning out, their heavy weapons trained on us both.
Ron laughed. “Well, look at that. You can always count on the police.” He turned and looked up at them as two police yanked his arms behind his back to put the handcuffs on. “Will there be room for two, by any chance? My friend and I are staying the weekend.”
As the police put handcuffs on me as well, I blew out a breath of frustration. “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.”



No idea if anyone actually read this, but it’s one possible ending to a superhero story I’ve been bouncing around in my head for awhile.  I don’t think I’ve got the tone right, and I feel like I made the bottom drop out of it at the end, but it’s a start.  I particularly wanted to have the first half of the story feel like a typical gritty detective story, and the second half turn the whole concept on its ear, and not have a fight as the finale.  I’m still working out how I would do that, but I just wanted to write again and I went with what came to mind this time.

The Hermit–An Unexpected Rhyming

My life was nice like the first chapter
Of a book
There and Back Again
Not much was happening
Life was like a
Box of chocolates–
‘Cause I know what I like
They were all the same type
There was peace
Never needing to speak
It was okay–
I concede being least
Had a moment of need
To disagree
Turned into a decade
Of people missing me
Shortly after
Emotional distance
Never let me get past
Cognitive dissonance
And all the hurt could
Get lost like Mirkwood
Lived under curse
Without cause, I did good
Gave up
A lot of things I could’ve done
Made up
When I really thought I should’ve run
Now the trail of fear
Is ahead of me
Nothing feels clear
Will it get the best of me?

My head hits the desk
Before it gets to rest
And disinterest
Replaced the obsession
In the mirror I see
My trangressions
Still there’s forgiveness
From the learned lessons
History doesn’t work
In our favor
The good we do now
Will be forgotten later
Not much incentive
For behavior
When the rules are
Abandoned by betrayers
But the world
Doesn’t owe me any favors
That’s just the nature
Of life’s many flavors
Sometimes it’s bittersweet
Sour and incomplete
Sometimes it’s salty
Jacked up and faulty
I’ll never forget
That night she called me
Told me some things
I found quite appalling
But I’ve got to move
Past her now
Because time didn’t slow
It’s moving much faster now
Feels like
Life is halfway done
And we run the clock out
At the point of a gun

I’m still reeling
Don’t know what to feel and
I can’t relate it
Can’t even reveal it
So much gone now
And so little finished
Still find my life goals
Close to the beginning
Stories started and plotted
Then abandoned
My family’s gone
Because I took them for granted
I didn’t see my son’s
First day of school
Hurts me so bad
I don’t know what to do
And it’s a desperate search
For how to cope
In the darkest of shadows
There’s some kind of hope
And I don’t know
How the story ends
“Happily ever after”
To “Let’s just be friends”
And sometimes
I want to be like Hosea
Go get her back
And forgive the failures
And other times
I want to be a player
But I was never in the game
So I just stay there
In a chair,
And staring at my comics
As if I can ever
Escape all my conflicts
Waiting for my ship
To come sailing
A one-way trip
Away to Grey Havens
Until then
I’m stuck with all the hurt
And hoping for a way
To find what I deserve



Oh brother
Tell me where art thou?
Tell me where’s your heart now?
Oh brother
Haven’t you forgot how
We were at the start now?
We cared for
One another
Cheered at every touchdown
Wasn’t that enough now?

I can’t imagine you forgot
You’re everything that I am not
Sorrow is my present lot
The pain inside, it never stops

Oh, brother
If I was your role model
Then why all the bravado?
Oh, brother
Now who do you follow?
Some faith that you borrowed?
We cried for
One another
But do you even care now?
‘Cause you aren’t even there now

There was a time
When we were friends
But everything
Must have an end
This message to you
Now I send
You’re everything I wish I’d been

Oh, brother
Now who will you die for?
Those people that you lie for?
Oh, brother
Is everything you fight for
Worth what you sacrificed for?
I’m scared for
Every other
When brothers can
Just do this
In the name of being foolish

I’ve never seen my only niece
I find that there is no relief
I buried all my greatest grief
I wonder if you hated me
I’m doing fine
I’m safe and free
There’s nothing you
Could say to me
You’re everything
I tried to be
I failed and you’re
Surviving me

So brother
Go, brother
And do what you are meant for
We’re opposites in this war
So goodbye
Try not to die for them
Or do whatever’s right for them
While I’m grieving you
Grieving you
I’m leaving too
Leaving too
Leaving too



I don’t really talk much about my brother, but I was inspired to write this song one morning after a bad dream.  I suppose I’ve buried a lot of the feelings I have about him, for my own sake.  Family has been on my mind more than ever since my wife left me.  I don’t know that I miss my brother.  It’s more of a regret, that no matter how life went, we always managed to be opposites of each other.  I don’t let myself feel, as far as all that goes.  I’ve lost a lot of people I cared about because of religious differences, and I have to live with that.  The only way I can is to not feel as I normally would.  Repression, I suppose.  A poor choice, perhaps, but I had to work with the tools I had inside, not the tools I didn’t have.  So, this was a brief window into the feelings I prefer to keep buried.  Thanks for reading.