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Warning (A Mega Man X Rap)

The moment right before
The boss meets me
Like the space dwelling
There between heartbeats
One question
Am I still alive?
Can I do what I have to do
To survive?
He comes down from the sky
Like a god
My reluctance to fight
Can’t even the odds
In the form
Of a modified beast
That was only born
To arrange my defeats
Red letters on my screen
Warning me
That if I don’t compete
Then I’ll be deceased
Time slows
As I reach for my weapon
Locked, reloaded
A seventh of a second
In my head
Sometimes I imagine
I could reason with him
So this doesn’t happen
But it always ends up
The same way
The fight I don’t want
Is the one I have to face

I never wanted to fight
The world makes me
With callous disregard
For people’s safety
I’m like a toaster
People could replace me
Worst thing to know–I’m
Beneath them even hating me
Think carefully
About who you’re carrying
Holding on barely
They walk around scared of me
But my father said
That they would need me
He didn’t tell me that
The price tag would bleed me
And by omission
Thusly he deceived me
Doesn’t have to live with
What it’s like to be me
The ground shakes
As the boss gives a roar
Decide another’s fate
This has been done before
Just another battle
In a long war
That never really ends
Just hollows out
Your core

Our eyes meet
And I see it there instantly
It’s him or me
Can’t reason with an enemy
But just once, I want
For him to say it
Fighting is a choice because
Life is sacred
Am I right to destroy
My own kind?
Are they not lights
As bright as in my own mind?
My thoughts take me back
To past battles
Their bodies all burned
Their eyes left me rattled
So many faces there
As accusations
Upon me descends
The saddest revelations
I’m the only one equipped
To grieve
Yet my smoking gun is
The last thing they see
I was built to feel
Not to kill
But he stands there now
And my fate is sealed
The last seventh
Of a second is gone
Takes a lot less
To do someone harm
My eyes close
And they open again
That’s the beginning
And this is the end

Light Switch

What’s worse?
To be seen by you?
It hurts
To be invisible
While you
Could just catch my eye
Then do
Not a thing but walk on by
I feel
More than I imagined
And still
Can’t believe that happened
How did
You get so close to me
And yet
You haven’t done anything

Light switch
Can you turn back off?
I wish
You wouldn’t let me fall
For her

To be gone by now
Too close
The silence is too loud
Turn down
Because it’s scarred so hard
You I feel it’s gone
You’d melt
The ice inside of me
But who’s telling
These lies but me?
No one
But you won’t go away
I want
So bad for you to stay

Light switch
Can you turn back off?
I wish
You wouldn’t let me fall
For her

I don’t want to
Be the one to
Hear you say
The words, “I want you”
I’m not here for
Being fearful
You would go
Then all the tears flow
I am crying
I am finding
No more love left
Here inside me
Do not start this
Man to hoping
For a starlit
Romantic day
Coming his way
Followed by
A love betrayed

Light switch
Can you turn back off?
I wish
You wouldn’t let me fall
For her
I don’t want to
Feel this hurt
In case you
Haven’t heard