The Price of Peace (A Mega Man X Rap)

Staring out at the ocean
In vanity
At the destruction I caused
The insanity
All of this to protect
When they don’t even care
Or try to understand me
How many brothers did I kill
For them?
I lost count and don’t even
Count this as a win
Maybe it’s sport for them
To stand by
Do I even remember
How many times I’ve died?
It’s like the life and times
Of Duncan Idaho
Because when I ask, the answer is
I don’t know
Now I know what it is
To feel bitter
But it’ll all continue
Until there is a victor

This is the ending
That trust got me
Friends don’t exist
They’re the ones who just shot me
And who I am
Is a carbon copy
A warrior’s collage
To withstand barrages
The next day is the hardest
No firepower can hurt worse
Than hearts can
They didn’t build me
With tear ducts
But I still feel something
When I see they fear us
I see them glance
At my cannon hand
But carry on because
The Reploids don’t matter, man
We wouldn’t even make
The evening news
If our fights didn’t end with
Mettaur construction crews
It’s not a life
Anyone would choose
Some are born to fight
And some can’t refuse

Didn’t even get
A flying dog
Got to walk home in
The rain, snow and fog
Nobody with me
To even talk
The path to everlasting peace
Isn’t an easy jog
It’s much harder
Than I even thought
Almost wish that I’d
Never even fought
But then I would have stayed
Blind to
The truth of this world
But war always reminds you
And what if Sigma
Is not a virus?
What if he’s the end result
Of all the violence?
The thought’s a torment
In deepest silence
The nightmare begins
When eyes are open widest
And I think I’ll take a wild guess
That we’ll be killing more
As if it was the wild west
What I’ve been thinking
Since Vile’s death
And the last memory of Zero
And his final breath
If what we do
Can be called breathing
I’ve held my breath
To the point of disbelieving
All this carnage
Is not what we were meant for
The price of peace
Must be paid to end war

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