Bio: I seem to have a passion for writing, so I write whatever I'm in the mood for. Songs seem to be the thing so far, but I did write a comedy screenplay of sorts. I guess we'll see if Matt Damon finds out about it...if so, I apologize in advance... It looks like another interesting project is taking shape for me: a science fiction rap, not something often attempted. If it comes together properly and gives me enough of an outline, I want to translate it into a full script or a book if possible. But I seem to be writing raps or songs at random as I'm inspired to do so. I try not to write unless I'm inspired to do it, but sometimes it happens anyway... Apart from writing, my interests include sci-fi movies (well, not just sci-fi, I like action, drama, the occasional romance, and animated TV shows and films), video games, and reading novels and comic books.

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