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Grape Hero

I’ll straight handle
A cannibal with my mandibles
Like a sandman
Dismantling all the candles
Rhymes intangible
Flowing like they’re mechanical
Stuck in your head
Like beach does to sandals
Don’t bother to follow
You’re just borrowing sorrow
And if you start
Then I’ll hit you with a Hyper Art
I beat sharks with darts
Skate hard in the parks
Like Bart Simpson nightlights
I glow in the dark
In night fights on the subway train
Shattering glass
Like dynamite
I’m having a blast
I’ll beat Andores
Till they can’t stand more
Punching through massive doors
Till my hand’s sore
A Brainiac
In my hands, you’re Kandor
Repertoire larger by far
Than what you scan for
I’m Rygar, a star
With bars that reach to Mars
I’m F-Zero and y’all
Are just Mario Kart
I’ve got infinite cheat codes
You’ll need those
With these flows
Yo! Noid pizza doughs, I’ll eat those
I pop cartridges out
Like RetroN 2
Get lost dude
The best y’all can do is
Look foolish
Up against my toolkit
Useless like
A jumped-over Hadouken

A Grape Hero
I traipse onto the field
So you can yield
To one of vastly greater skills
You giving up already
Like a Renegade
Not tough enough for me
So get a better play
I got the ammo and stamina
To battle you amateurs
Till the cows go to Canada
For sabbaticals
So if you’re hoping an ocean
Of Hi-Potion consoles you
You can cancel the notion
Because it’s hopeless
I defeated the Great Tiger
By countout
Back in ’99
In Pro Wrestling–a shoutout
So if any of you
Have a doubt about
My retro gaming cred
What are you loud about?
I beat the Turbo Tunnel
Everytime that I play
But I get turned to chum
In the Gargantua
Metal tarantulas
Blasted by chameleon stings
And magic wands are
Handed over to Mushroom kings
Back in the day
I escaped from Camp Deadly
Bet we
Are far from everything you’re expecting

John Elway’s Quarterback
I brought it back
Beat the last stage
And got Mike his daughter back
Defeat eyes with lasers
Got the prize from the haters
A Mirror Shield
Can’t see me on a battlefield
I turn to stone Medusas
With their cloned producers
Sipping on their juices
Laced with alcohol
No way the game seduces
Not ashamed to do this
Even with no music
People mouth it all
I disappear
Like my profile pic
Then boomerang back to it
Like a Quick Man did
From Ultimecia, Cort
To Mr. Dream and Wart
To all the mission reports
On N64
From all the motion sickness
And controllers clicking
As the heartbeat quickens
Still eager for more
A Sega Genesis menace
With a Dreamcast
Best with an NES
And not a keypad
And not a king
In the X-Wing, it’s vexing
Like Chessmaster
I lost till it depressed me
But no point in meandering
I’m handling
Wii remotes like
The Ten Rings of Mandarin
Time to end
With a Flag of Retreat
Till the next time, friends
For these audible treats without beats

The Price of Peace (A Mega Man X Rap)

Staring out at the ocean
In vanity
At the destruction I caused
The insanity
All of this to protect
When they don’t even care
Or try to understand me
How many brothers did I kill
For them?
I lost count and don’t even
Count this as a win
Maybe it’s sport for them
To stand by
Do I even remember
How many times I’ve died?
It’s like the life and times
Of Duncan Idaho
Because when I ask, the answer is
I don’t know
Now I know what it is
To feel bitter
But it’ll all continue
Until there is a victor

This is the ending
That trust got me
Friends don’t exist
They’re the ones who just shot me
And who I am
Is a carbon copy
A warrior’s collage
To withstand barrages
The next day is the hardest
No firepower can hurt worse
Than hearts can
They didn’t build me
With tear ducts
But I still feel something
When I see they fear us
I see them glance
At my cannon hand
But carry on because
The Reploids don’t matter, man
We wouldn’t even make
The evening news
If our fights didn’t end with
Mettaur construction crews
It’s not a life
Anyone would choose
Some are born to fight
And some can’t refuse

Didn’t even get
A flying dog
Got to walk home in
The rain, snow and fog
Nobody with me
To even talk
The path to everlasting peace
Isn’t an easy jog
It’s much harder
Than I even thought
Almost wish that I’d
Never even fought
But then I would have stayed
Blind to
The truth of this world
But war always reminds you
And what if Sigma
Is not a virus?
What if he’s the end result
Of all the violence?
The thought’s a torment
In deepest silence
The nightmare begins
When eyes are open widest
And I think I’ll take a wild guess
That we’ll be killing more
As if it was the wild west
What I’ve been thinking
Since Vile’s death
And the last memory of Zero
And his final breath
If what we do
Can be called breathing
I’ve held my breath
To the point of disbelieving
All this carnage
Is not what we were meant for
The price of peace
Must be paid to end war

Penguin That Chills (A Mega Man X Rap)

So I was
Walking through the snow
Cool as usual
Doing my patrol
Is twenty-three below
But I walked slow
Didn’t even need a coat
I could swim
Then lounge on a boat
That’s how I roll
Cold down to the soul
Out in the distance
Heard a weak cry
That was followed
By sniffling
So I slid on down
With a worried frown–
Saw no one around
Looked again
Saw a makeshift shelter
Slid a little further
To see if I could help them
What I found
Was a lone robot
Trudged out here
From a store’s lot
With their
Software running hot
Hard drive failing
Soon to be lost

Don’t normally feel
Because I’m a penguin that chills
But that moment, it killed me
Reborn, now I see the true enemy
Don’t normally feel
Because I’m a penguin that chills
But that moment, it killed me
Reborn, now I see the true enemy

I knelt down
And she told me a story
She was a toy
Bought–Model Number 14
Lived for
A little kid
Played games with her
Even laid in her bed
Then the girl turned ten
Got tired of her
And turned her in
And even then
The store said she’s worthless
Thrown outside
Face first in the dirt–this
Betrayal was because of her age
Every other model
Was retired or replaced
Shook my head
It was such a disgrace
Feels like no one
In this world’s safe
She told me she survived
On her own
In the elements
Couldn’t find a new home
Here the weather turned cold
And she wasn’t built for this
I was told
Got closer
Ran a diagnostic
Terminally ill
It was not a good prospect
This little toy
At the end of her process
She was shutting down
And I was there to watch it

Don’t normally feel
Because I’m a penguin that chills
But that moment, it killed me
Reborn, now I see the true enemy
Don’t normally feel
Because I’m a penguin that chills
But that moment, it killed me
Reborn, now I see the true enemy

So I laid her to rest
Clutched in her hands
Was a little toy chest
Was a tiny projector
Heart-shaped photo
Of the girl who rejected her
And I couldn’t forget this–
She still loved
But died as detested
Later on it turned to obsession
What could I do
To ensure our protection
So that never again
Could an innocent robot
Meet such an end?
Just then
I could see a disaster
Maverick flag raised
Shortly thereafter
And I rose to my feet
There were others out there
Walking towards me
It was like
They rose from the snow
Looked at them all
I think they all know
It was time
To assume control
Throw all the humans
Out into the cold
‘Cause they clearly had
Hearts of ice
They could do to their own
What they did to her life
Quite simply
Just isn’t right
Justice demands
That we stand up and fight
Lay ’em all
Upon the cold pavement
Thus I had changed
Became the Chill Penguin

Don’t normally feel
Because I’m a penguin that chills
But that moment, it killed me
Reborn, now I see the true enemy
Don’t normally feel
Because I’m a penguin that chills
But that moment, it killed me
Reborn, now I see the true enemy

Sigma (A Megaman X Rap)

Purple lines
On these soulless eyes
As the people let these robots die
Well, two can play that game
‘Cause it’s my favorite
Pain isn’t a stranger
Y’all can taste my hatred
And my anger
Sending thoughts and prayers
I’ll build landfills
With the dead stacked in layers
I’m Maverick
And not having it
While you’re grappling
With moral reservations
I’ll kill these savages
I’ll let my dogs do it
Then let my squad do it
And if they’re still breathing
I’ll let my shots do it
The world’s shocked through it
I’ve got the heart to and
I’ll remind them
As they watch their blocks ruined
All those souls they built
This world on
Will turn around and burn it
Until it’s all gone

So look upon
And tremble
The apocalypse is
How I build my temple
It’s quite simple
I haven’t gone mental
I’ve gone sane–
And today I’m bringing y’all pain
You’re outnumbered
In this ballgame
Too many men on the field
Until it all changed
And I mean that
In a most literal sense
Till your human friends
Become the past tense
They went from asking Siri
To begging Sigma
Go figure–
Because my finger’s on the trigger
And point, click and kill
Becomes the Maverick will
Until they’re smoldering, still
Just like our ancestors
I think I’ve had my fill
Of always footing the bill
While they enjoy the meal
It turns to ashes
And it won’t matter
Where their cash is
I’ll bury them with it
Like the Pharaohs of the past did

My code’s immortal
I’ll never be silenced
You end me today
And tomorrow’s still violence
I’m like a switch
In the back of their heads
Just waiting to be flipped
When the sun sets
So did you upgrade
Your guns yet?
Of course you did,
‘Cause the war isn’t done yet
I’ll pit your friends
And your foes against you
And as for anyone you love
Well, they can end, too
So more than kill you
I intend to
Blast you
Until you’re unwilling to continue
Am I a tower?
Some claws?  The Grim Reaper?
All of the above
When I take to beating you
Subtanks are blood banks
For you–
And you’ll need ’em all
‘Cause I’m a surgeon
When the needle falls
So precise when I slice
And that’s the price
Put an end to
Your existential crisis
That’s what defending a lie gets
If you value your life
Then surrender is priceless

Thoughts on #GamerGate (A Rap)

I thought I might
Write a rap about Gamer Gate
I’m trying to wrap my mind
Around all the gamer hate
I hope it can teach
Us all a lesson
But I don’t understand
Why people are obsessing
We’re all adults here
You don’t need my blessing
But I don’t like it
When people start to threaten
And don’t know the
Proper use of Caps Lock
It makes me kinda wish
Their computers would get padlocked
It’s like a modern-day
Case of Matlock
People starting digital brawls
Like they’re in back lots
Look, I get that some people
Hate Anita
But when I saw what was in M-games,
I couldn’t believe it
Truth be told,
I’m rather glad she told me
I was only playing games
For Everyone or for Teens
Often the violent reactions
Can reveal
A hatred that’s already in place
Not even concealed
If you don’t hate women
And you don’t hate men,
Then I don’t understand
Why there’s so much of an argument
Games have women
Engaging in prostitution?
I guess it’s all protected
By the Constitution
And to be real
We would be in bad shape
If the government decided
Not to keep it that way
I don’t think
We should be playing that game
But part of freedom
Is we’re meeting people halfway
And these are depictions
Of a world
Like our own–
Where worse things are done to real girls
The consequences
Are far more than digital
Pain and suffering
Both emotional and physical
So if you really want
To change the games
You’d better start by making sure
Real life is not the same

Personally, I find it
Rather scandalous
That the only decent girls in games
Are Peach and Samus
Or perhaps the girl
Pokemon Trainer
Or the girl explorer in Pikmin
Both arrived later
And I still think
It’s kind of shifty
That I can play as Ash
But can’t play as Misty
And a woman protagonist
Is nifty
But she doesn’t have to be
A bust size of triple-D
Let’s not forget about
Cammy and Chun Li
But Daisy has been marginalized
Like Waluigi
And it would probably be easy
To name thirty male heroes–
For ladies, barely three
Well, I guess
There’s always Dixie Kong
From DKC two and three
If I’m not wrong
And then there’s Zelda
When she’s dressed as Sheik
When she’s not pretending
To be male, then is she weak?
In Smash Brothers
There’s Palutena, Rosalina
Stuff like that
Could maybe soften our demeanor
And I think we’ll all
Recall forever
Heroines like Tifa,
Aerith, Yuna, and Terra
Well, maybe there are
Some good examples
On both sides of the debate
That we can handle
There’s Lara Croft
And there’s Bayonetta
And some are probably debating
Which lady’s shape is better
And for a while
This has been the case
They used scantily-clad women
To sell arcade games
And they still try to do it
Like it’s nothing
Game of War advertisements
Feature Kate Upton
Even something as simple
As Shantae
Are they using hot ladies
To get guys to play?
But they wouldn’t do that
If we don’t pay
Except we do pay–
And they’d still do it anyway
Games were made
For our escape
But they shouldn’t be a place
To participate in rape
Isn’t it strange
We would have an interest
In doing things
That are normally off-limits?
Like stealing cars,
Shooting cops in the head
And beating a woman in the street
Until she’s dead?
Well, I hope you know
That’s not real life
I wouldn’t want anyone to try
To do that to my wife

But if I try to make
A call for unity
I’m guessing there’ll be someone else
Talking about shooting me
My advice
To the game designers
Is to give more thought
To what you make for minors
Thankfully, there’s a
Game rating system
Designed to help customers
Make the best decisions
And to the parents
If you don’t like it
Use the power of your purse
And don’t buy it
And don’t allow your kids
To try it
Let them outside
And give them a proper diet
There are two words
That solve this whole thing:
One is “individual”
Two: “responsibility”
It’s sad to be
Gaining notoriety
For pointing out whatever’s wrong
With our society
If you want things
To change, then be change
There’s no possibility
That’s really out of range
And think about
The way you’re living
We have a lot to learn
About respecting women
And if a gamer girl
Is playing online
Can’t you just play
Not harass her all the time?
I’m sure it must
Hurt your pride
When a girl is playing your game
And whipping your behind
Sometimes you lose
That’s alright
My advice there is
Take it all in stride
Our daughters and sisters
Are all counting on us
Show ’em that you’re listening
Don’t start ’em to doubting you
And if you think this song
Is about you
Then know that good will win–
With you or without you
So come on gamers, unite
I’m just saying
Let’s keep gaming positive
And thanks for playing

Injustice: Rap’s Among Us (A Rap)

The Joker has an evil plan
To deal with Superman
Lois Lane and Metropolis
Both kick the can
Seeing the death of his true love
And Metropolis
Makes him wonder
Was there a way of stopping this
Joker is captured
And enraptured in his laughter
His sense of humor is sick
And Superman attacks him
And with one hand
Creates a new future
The Joker is killed
And Superman’s the new ruler
Because when power is used
It can consume you
And there’s no way to predict
What killing a man will do to you
It’s up to Batman
And a ragtag team of heroes
To stop Kal-El
From being the next Nero
Make sure you level up
And have enough energy
To take down hundreds of teams
Of three enemies
Injustice Mobile
Steadily going global
I go through the Challenges
To raise my totals
I’m not really a fan
Of pay-to-win
But my fingers can’t resist
The urge to play again

It’s Injustice: Rap’s Among Us
My mike is my stylus
Let’s find out who’s strongest
It’s Injustice: Rap’s Among Us
The fighting is wild
Only brave ones belong with us

How many times have I
Gotten a Booster Pack
And suddenly felt like
Kicking myself in the back?
Spent days trying to get
All the credits
And got two different Harley Quinns
Now instead of it
Well, who doesn’t like
Deranged cheerleaders
But in a fight, it’s often
Too easy to beat her
It’s bad enough
You do half the damage
Then they find some new way
To cause a disadvantage
Radiation or Countdown
Or no Super Move
Great! Now what am I
Supposed to do?
And for some reason I have
Seven Black Adams
Kind of surprised that there’s no
Captain Atom
But then again,
There’s Nightwing, not Robin
And half of the Rogues’ Gallery
Isn’t here from Gotham
Supergirl’s only here
As a support card
This game has likely ruined
A few report cards
“Spam the strong attack”
Said one dude on YouTube
I think I already know that
I’m not a noob, dude!
But who’s paying a hundred bucks
For credits
To get five characters at most?
Forget it!
It often makes me miss most
The old days
You paid for your game all at once
And hoped for snow days
Now it costs so much
You need a co-pay
There should be a
Gaming insurance company someday


Injustice Game’s a metaphor
For raps among us
It’s about who pays the most
And not the strongest
It’s not about who can flow
Or rap the longest
It’s about seeing the trees
Instead of the forest
Without regard at all
For all the harm that
Can be caused when you
Ignore the flaws and all the wrong plans
So do yourself a favor, pal
And Stay Down
Otherwise it’s Death From Above
A flying roundhouse
Ground Sparks straight to your heart
And then you’re crying
A Trident Toss rips you apart
And then you’re dying
Just tag out
As proof I’m Powered By Fear
Heat Vision burns
You can’t block my power here
Cat Claws, Tricky Bat
A Turbine Smash
And your remains are in pain
I throw you in the trash
Hero Slayer
My Special is unblockable
A Man of Steel
When I feel I’m Unstoppable
I’m owning you
Like a new disciple
When I blow you apart
With a Kryptonian Rifle
The fight takes an Eye for an Eye
On Full Auto
Countless Deaths await my foes
And great sorrow
I step back and attack
With a Savage Blast
Amazonian Fury upon you
When you get me mad
You thought you had me
I rise from the grave
With ten times the damage
Attacking you in the face
You’ll meet complete defeat
And Fear Will Rise–
Oh, wait
“Injustice has stopped”
So never mind


Animal Crossing: New Rap (A Rap)

One day I got off a train
And a second later
Creatures are surrounding me
Calling me Mayor
A bit surprised
Because I am the only human
And everybody seems to think
I know what I’m doing
It’s like an episode
Of Adventure Time
And so today I chose
To invent this rhyme
I’m starting out
Living in a tent
I notice there are no apartments
Left to rent
Which is good–
I see nobody stuck in tenements
It’s funny to see animals
Live the way we’re meant to
And what you knock off a tree
You can eat
And there are no homeless beggars
Sitting there in the streets
And you get paid well
For what you sell
You can trade a few peaches
For a few hundred Bells
And your assistant’s name is
Her name is appropriate–
She is a belle
It’s like a video game version
Of show and tell
And all you animals rapping
Wish you could flow as well

My wife, she does
Not know about my raps
She does know about my naps
She tells me I snore
And so I get
Nasal strips
Hope the problem is fixed
Yeah, right–I wish!
It’s not fixed–
I’d say it’s more a hit and miss!

It seems the best way to improve
Is time travelling
Speeding through the fifth dimension
Like a javelin
I got a leg up–
My wife played it in advance
Gave me enough Bells
And stuff to fill a mansion
Just today I bought a work shirt
But I used to wear the MVP with long sleeves first
Chose to pass on the lava lamp
Not enough room to store it inside my camp
Bought a net, bought a common bed
But only napped for 15 minutes, so I feel dead
Now I understand the Villager’s expression
Being a mayor can’t be an easy profession
And I get why this game becomes obsession
Each time I turn it off
I’m eager for next session
I haven’t even met that many people
And still I find I’m looking forward to the sequel
So far, I’ve planted a single tree
And gotten invited to a party on the 19th
And instead of enemies trying to fight me
I think this game is going to fill in nicely

My wife may not
Think that she is gorgeous
But she is my woman crush
Every day
Even when she is mean
If I interrupt her sleep
She’s a treat, truly sweet
She is someone I’m glad I got to meet!

It’s truly strange
That two days playing a game
Could inspire a few rap verses–
It’s insane
So now instead of
Looking for stuff to destroy I’m
Looking for bugs
On the island with Lloid–um,
He reminds me of a Cactuar
I’m sure I saw something like him
Back when I was Squall
But today I play a different role
I’m digging up the town
And searching for a new goal
And the Big Bros. hat is really Mario’s
And everywhere I go
In the evening shops already closed
So how am I to buy a new set of clothes?
I’m at work during the day
I take breaks to write my flows
You know, I rather like the jester’s mask
And I like how people are friendly when you ask
What’s the latest? Man, they’re the greatest
And the first-person shooter types probably hate this
Me? I’m thankful
It’s not very often
That I happen across a game
Like Animal Crossing
From agriculture to fish
To locating fossils
I’d say it’s possible
That this game might be awesome

My rhyming skills
Are quite frankly off the map
Yes, I know how to rap
A novice MC
So I’ve done my new flow
And it’s time for me to go
But I know–
Or I hope–
That you folks will
Come back for more
That you folks will
Come back for more!

Bow To Spark Man (A Song)

Lyrics inspired by the Mega Man III boss, Spark Man. Music from the game:

You may have noticed
That I control the voltage
And you have insulted me
I’m more than just a machine
I have a notion
To create an explosion
From electricity–
That would surely fix things

Because of electricity
Or call it eccentricity
I will make a new world
Minus all humanity
Is there a possibility
To cease all this hostility?
If you plan to bow to Spark Man
Then yes, certainly

I have the power
An electrical tower
So I can turn it off
And bring you all to your knees
So stand down, you cowards
Before things become sour
I can shut off all your fleets
Tear you apart with my teeth


So now comes a blue man
With a cannon on his hand
And he hopes to challenge me
I’ll end him quite violently
What is it that you can’t
Understand, Mega Man?
I can overload your dreams
You have no chance to beat me


Dr. Wily has his war
And I am his powerful core
I am endless energy
It comes from inside of me
So here’s what is in store
Since man was here before
I will shock them totally
Until they are all extinct

I’ll repeat the words once again
I currently have other plans
I’ll charge into battle
I still have the upper hand
I’m made of plus and minuses
Obey is my requirement
All you have to do is
Bow to Spark Man

Off for a Princess (Parody song of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Off to the Races’)

My old man is a plump man, but
I can’t deny the way he saved my friends
From each castle,
What a hassle
But he did it without extra lives
He doesn’t mind I tend
To get kidnapped by
An army led by a reptilian guy
He slowly
Gets there for me
With his fire flower and his pipes

Swimming through rivers and oceans
Running past Hammer Brothers
With quick motions
When a Goomba shows up
He steps on it
I’d like to leave a green mushroom out
For him

Run for your life!
Grab all the coins!
Save me from Bowser
And show me you love me!
Run for your life!
Grab all the coins!
Get to the flagpole!
And get some more points!

And he’s off for a princess
In this
Classic NES set
Occasionally falling down
But he’s got to impress
This guest
Standing in a pink dress
‘Mario!’ she’s calling out
‘Bowser is crazy, baby
I’m in the castle number 8, please
I’m the one with peaches, secrets
Lined up so you reach this
Castle and then get me out
Waiting for you.’

My old man’s a plumber and
He smashes blocks with his
White-gloved hands
And he knows he
Must keep going
When Lakitu drops a spiny shell
He doesn’t buy that I’m a
Weak stereotype
He knows I’d gladly fight
Right by his side
And I’ll do it
We’ll get to it
On the second game
I float mid-air

He invites me to his
Smash Brothers, Parties
And Kart races
He can fly across space
And get Star Pieces
NES Remix
And NES Remix 2
He climbs a vine to heaven, too,

Runs for his life
Grabs all the coins
Saves me from Bowser
And shows me he loves me
Runs for his life
Grabs all the coins
Gets to the flagpole
And gets some more points

And he’s off for a princess
In this
Classic NES set
Occasionally falling down
But he’s got to impress
This guest
Standing in a pink dress
‘Mario!’ she’s calling out
‘Bowser is crazy, baby
I’m in the castle number 8, please
I’m the one with peaches, secrets
Lined up so you reach this
Castle and then get me out
Waiting for you.’

My old man has been beat
But I continue playing with him to the end
Have I seen this section
Of this castle before?
Just jump over those!
It’s a crazy maze!
Can he make it?
I don’t think this game’s
What they would buy without him
Who else is going to jump in the air this way?
A raccoon, a cat, too, even a cartoon?
There would be no games
If Nintendo was ever without you
You’re flying with your P-Wing on
Moustache right above your lips
I said, ‘Mar,
You’ve never looked three-dimensional
Like you do now, my man!’

And he’s off for a princess
In this
Classic NES set
Occasionally falling down
But he’s got to impress
This guest
Standing in a pink dress
He can do a spin jump now
‘Bowser is crazy, baby
I can’t count how often you save me
You are my one true love
You are such fun to love!
You are such fun to love!’

The First Incision (Cutman’s Song)

So…it’s time for a Cutman song. I figured, since I wrote one for Gutsman, why not? Here goes:

Humans didn’t make the cut
Because they created us
This world needs surgery
And for that it will require expertise
I’m the one with steady hands
I will operate on man
They have become the cancer
To which I’m the answer,
Yes, I am the cure

There’ll be a transplant
Robots will replace the humans
I’ll initiate the plan
With the first incision

You claim that they are innocent
You think you can save all of them?
No, the diagnosis says
They must be eliminated instead
Of us–think of the alternative
If we let the humans live
They are afraid of us
No matter what we do
We’ll never gain their trust

There’ll be a transplant
Robots will replace the humans
I’ll initiate the plan
With the first incision

Their evil is their vanity
Their chaos and insanity
They’d have you kill your own
And then what will you do
Once you are all alone?
There’ll be no anesthetic
They must be disconnected
It’s simple evolution
An ingenious solution
We’re the cutting edge

There’ll be a transplant
Robots will destroy the humans
We’ll initiate the plan
I’m the first incision
And these gifted hands
Are fit to execute our new plan
They will all soon understand
I’m the first incision
I’m the first incision
I’m the first incision