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Raps of the Christopherian Realm #32

King Christopher watched
The medics treat her
And wondered what force
Could have managed to defeat her
And who would dare to
Harm the Empress Thea?
Whoever did it could be
A threat to her career

“Is she conscious yet?
We need to put a stop to this–
Whoever is responsible
Could know who bombed Congress!”

“She’s unconscious now,
But she’s stable.
The wound was quite grievous,
But not likely fatal.”

“Summon me, doctor,
As soon as she is able
To communicate.
We need all cards on the table.”

“Your Highness, a word?”

“Of course, Lyselle, what is it?”

“We’re tracking an energy source
That’s quite different.
The caliber of the weapon used
Was strong,
But not what the Netherworld uses–
Rather odd.”

“So you’re saying one of
Our people did it?”

“Our LPF sentry’s report
Is quite significant.
A fleeing vessel that
Has claimed to be a medic’s ship–
Its departure was authorized
By the President.
I hate to say it, but
It can’t be coincidence.
The timing coincides with
The timing of this incident.”

The King was stunned and said:
“Get a secure line.
I want to speak to
The President at this time.”

The President picked up
And said, “Ah, the King.
How goes it there,
In the land of no suffering?
Tell me, is the weather
There lovely?
I’d hate to hear your voice on
A secure line for nothing.”

“You play the innocent but
Your guilt betrays you.
It seems that the Entity
Has been betrayed, too.”

“Well, it was you who
Wanted me to pray to
The dictatorship she brought
‘Twas just a prelude.
I swore an oath
To protect our people’s Kingdom.
My flag is green
And it represents our freedom.
It bears the honor
Of the souls that we’ve lost
And I will not betray it
No matter what the cost.
You’ve been deceived
By an imitation goddess–
She’s blinded your perception
And isn’t being honest.”

“Well then the burden of proof
Is on you.
Either way, you tried
An ill-fated coup.
Are you behind the
Attack on our Congress?”

“Of that great tragedy,
I have no knowledge.”

“You’ll understand if
I simply don’t believe you.
The bomb must have been
Meant for her, now I see you–
For all your kind words,
You’re unfaithful.
For all of Thea’s blessings,
You are ungrateful.”

“Christopher, she’s killed
Her own people!
Can’t you see the truth?
Empress Thea is evil!
She doesn’t care about
Us being equal!
The Battle of the MCI Center
Deceived you!
There are forces far greater
At work,
And if only you’ll be patient,
You’ll realize it’s worth it.”

“You’ve committed
An act of civil war.
On my authority,
The Agency is no more.
You were supposed to be
Investigating treason!
Now you’ve succumbed
To a false line of reasoning!
I will bring you in,
Or else attack you.”

“Then both kings and presidents
Will do what they have to.
So understand
You are up against the better man.
You’ll move against the Agency?
I hope you have a better plan.
Oh, and tell Empress Thea
Get well soon.
If you really hope to win
I suggest you bring her with you.”

King Christopher hung up
The phone,
And for a long while,
He stood there alone
With an expression
On his face that was sore
He said, “All commands:
Now we go forth to war.
We believe the unfaithful
Are all found
In league with the President
At Agency Compound.
We will wage one last fight
For our nation.
Hence it will be
The Battle of Termination.
Gather the fleet,
And get to your stations.
All citizens
Must face this situation…”

Meanwhile, Christoph–
He slowly smiled
As he said, “So it ends at last–
It took awhile.
Give them the ultimate power
Or but a taste,
And how easily a man
Will make his fall from grace.
Now to get Chris and Scepter
There in haste.
Now, at last,
All the pieces are in place….”


Raps of the Christopherian Realm #31

The medevac vessels
Were trying to stay level
And approaching atmosphere
The medics were disheveled
Frustrated, awaiting
Some good news
Something other than
Counting dead for them to do
There were multiple cases
Of head trauma
And now there were reports
Of a starfleet bomber
On approach
As a regular patrol
An expression of the Empress’
Tightening controls:

“We are authorized to use
Max force
On your vessels.
You are commanded to change course!
Turn around and be
Escorted for landing.
It’s the way to clear up
This misunderstanding.”

“This is Charlie Green–
Do not fire!
We have some people wounded
And our help is required.
This is a medical ship–”

“But you’re escaping!
If you go out in space
We’re authorized to waste you!
You’re what she warned us about–
The unfaithful!
And traitors take their resting place
Inside the grave, fool!”

“Bombing vessel,
This is now your President.
Attacks on a medical vessel
Are unprecedented.
They depart with
Clearance straight from me.
And I strongly suggest
That you leave them be.
Unless you want me
To share this with the Empress?
She worked here, you know.
I used to sit next to her desk.”

“S-sorry, sir!
Medevac may proceed!”

“Thank you so much.
Charlie Green, with due speed.”

And so Resistance Regiment
Managed to escape
It wouldn’t be the last time
That they would tempt fate…

In the heart of darkness
Blows reaching targets
Chris and Scepter fought
To see who hit hardest
Chris dodges
And Scepter blocks it and drops in
With fists, feet, elbows
And knees bringing scarlet
Time froze
And the ground became a meteor
Scepter grabbed a mound of dirt
And swung it speedier
He hit Chris with
A ton of dirty bricks–
Quite a dirty trick
But it’s the evil
That he’s worried with
Chris swings a fist
And breaks the rocks up
Scepter flies at him
Chris swings and he gets knocked up
Into the sky
Where they let fly the haymakers
Chris just waylays
With a couple of face-breakers
It’s a melee
The hate opened a gateway
It became plain
There’d never be a safe way
To put an end to
This struggle with his enemy
His hands glowing white
He embraced his full energy

You can’t hope
To change the situation!
Scepter said, “I am your
True manifestation!
We should have stood together
Like two towers
Now you will yield
To a much higher power!
And the very same chains
That you gave me
Will be used now to place
Yourself into slavery!
You can’t hate
The same thing you care about
That’s the path
You’ll now face within the Paradox!

Chris blasted him
With beams of white light
Kept blasting till he fell
Through the ground and out of sight
He pursued him
To the planet’s core
The heat was unbearable
They matched blows some more
Scepter grabbed Chris
Put hands on his throat
To another plane of
Existence they would go…

King Christopher
Took a small squad
To look for the Empress
She’d been gone too long:

“We should have given her
Proper guards,
Or at least some kind of escort
That was fully armed.”

“Your Highness, come in.
This is Theta Squad.
We’ve picked up a signal
And something’s kind of odd.
One life form, human,
I would say,
And located in the sector
Seven thirty-eight.”

“Copy that, Theta Squad–
We’re on our way.
Go meet the bomber
That let the ship escape.
And stay alert–
There were signs of a battle.
Garg could be out there
His army has scattered.”

The Empress could be in danger,
The King gathered,
As he looked out the window
His heart nearly shattered
A woman face down
Lying in the grass
With a pool of blood
Beneath her, spreading fast
“Land! Now!”
Came his command
And he raced from his ship
To take Thea’s hand
He turned her over
And her face was pale
He feared she wouldn’t live to
Tell of the tale….

Scepter’s Possession–A Short Story, Based on Raps of the Christopherian Realm #28

I am scattered and suffering, lost in my own home.

I stumble across a grassy plain, where wind slowly soothes the pale grass as if nature itself knows the unnatural has happened.  My world has turned on me and twisted the hope I meant to create into something monstrous.

I have poisoned the past from the future, and now I must own my mistakes.

I created this world to escape from my own, to give myself a power and a strength I do not have, and a faith I do not believe in.  Now they have that faith, my people.  But in the wrong goddess.

After I wrestled across the cosmos with my archnemesis Christoph, I lost my sense of time and reality.  Mere moments had passed for me, but months for the Christopher Kingdom.  Without a leader powerful enough to oppose her, Corporal Thea made her play for the throne.  She–or some other unknown party, even I don’t know for sure–killed our best representatives in a bombing.  It was easy to blame it on a nebulous character who has since disappeared.  And easier still to use it as an excuse to begin the isolation and the reprogramming and the surveillance.

Thea was known for her aggressive stance on countering Christoph, but something happened to her after she was captured.  Christoph counted on my civility.  He knew I would come after her.  Just as he knew it the first time we fought at the Master Code Input Center.

I’ve lost too much for the women I’ve loved.  By now, I should know better.  By now, I should understand the hard lesson Christoph has tried to teach me before.

Survival is done without a heart, with only yourself as the spoils of victory.  An utterly self-centered philosophy, but was it not true?  Would we not now be enslaved, choking under the weight of Shadows and the grinding labor for the Machine, watching helplessly as the Tribunal Authority indoctrinates our children, had we only made one selfish decision?

But then, that’s what people forget about salvation.  They often only thank the saviors after they’re dead.  And first they have to kill them.

Some part of me had every hope that Thea would kill me, if she could.  I haven’t wanted to live anymore, not for a long time.  Is that what this was all about?  Did I come back here to die, and take the sacred history with me?  I find myself wondering if, by the time it’s all said and done, if I’ll even remember what originally happened.

The dead don’t carry memories with them.  They become memories.  And what are we, if not the dead?

We?  A whisper, almost unnoticed, passing along on the wind…

I could feel it, a prodding at the very edges of my consciousness, at the very edges of my sanity.  More than a prodding–a stirring, an awakening of the long dead and buried.  A vision of flickering lights, a kaleidoscope in bright orange and yellow, the colors of flame, eternal flame.  And then…

Eyes opening, eyes that are without pity, moral black holes sewn onto a face like mine.  No…

But it can’t be…a figure in the distance, standing as if he has awaited this moment for eons and could await it for eons more if he had to, infinite patience coiled tightly around infinite rage.

We we we we we we–the whisper echoes a million times in my mind, and I see, on the wind, a bit of black ash, carried along.  Pieces of a soul charred and fragmented, now free to travel on their own.

In a different age, Christoph and I imprisoned this man, this abomination, in the Paradox.  There, the being known as Scepter was supposed to abide for all eternity in a state of limbo, of ever-changing contradiction.  It was the only place I could put him, because he is a part of me.

He is my rage, my despair, my loneliness, all tormented and tortured until finally a horrible seed was planted, that, if nurtured and cultivated, would yield the fruit of genocide.  Maybe even extinction altogether for my people.

But I can’t turn away from him.  I feel his eyes, drawing me in as if I have passed their event horizon.  I have no will to resist.  The unbridled power of his rage taunts me with all it could offer, all we could achieve together.  It becomes a tangible lust in my soul.

Now he is there before me, there beside me, there, a slowly growing pressure inside my skull.  Something passes through me, a shudder of relief…

How long have I watched…how long have I waited…and how I have longed to see you again,” Scepter said.  “I spent forever and yet only a moment contemplating how I would avenge myself upon you.  And in that instantaneous eon, I watched you from afar.  I watched your shame.  I watched your adversaries mock you.  I felt your terror, your disillusionment.  I felt your pain, and I knew that no fate I could give you in retaliation would be worse than the one you chose for yourself.  How low you have become.  How mired you are now, you who once pretended to be pure.”  His eyes watched me.  I felt a little nauseated at the thought that he was right.  I kept listening.  “But the only thing pure about you…was me, wasn’t it?  Pure hatred.  The wall you put up out of fear–it wasn’t to keep them out.  It was to keep the monster in.  For if he were free…to do as he wished…to do…as you wished?

You no longer need proof, Christopher, my brethren.  You have seen it in action, in all its glory, all its shameless and repetitive ritual.  Each day under the reign of Shadows you have chafed; your soul aches for release.  I can give you what you most desire.

I take a step back, though it feels like I’m pulling the weight of the planet.  “And what do I most desire?”

All the things you gave to me: unbridled power, outrage, and a desire to be free, by all means necessary.

“You haven’t changed at all.  The same insane lecture is to follow, no doubt–“

Insane?  No.  No.  What I seek is a return to sanity, for you abandoned it long ago in favor of a path to self-destruction!  Senseless self-sacrifice!

“I have a future.  I’m trying to save that future.”

No.  Again, you deceive yourself.”  Scepter seems almost sad.  “What has been done to you?” he whispers.  “What yoke rests upon your troubled soul?

It frightens me all the more that Scepter, the one imprisoned for years in the Paradox, that he feels sorry for me.

He reaches a hand out, tenderly.  I again move back in revulsion.  “You know what must occur now, better than I do.  You know the price to be paid for true freedom.  It was in this age that the foretold Slaughter should have begun.  Before the worst of them came.  Before Shadows and her treasons.  Had you cleansed the Realm of the plague of women, we could have been spared this pain.  Instead, your cowardice and compassion kept the parasites alive until they brought the host into submission, into subservience.  Now is our chance to correct your mistakes.  Now is the time for our Ascension.

I couldn’t move anymore.  Somehow my body felt rooted to the spot as if I were a tree, as if decades had passed with my soul as a sentry here.  “No,” I whisper.  “This is insane.  You’re ill, Scepter.  You’re my illness, and I must overcome you before you hurt, before you kill the people I love.”

And therein lies the lie.  You don’t know love.  You know only fear.  For you, fear and love are the same.  They taught it to you.  Now, we must teach it to them.  We must teach them fear.  And as fear is the precursor of death, the first shall give birth to the second.  And then the second shall consume the first.

My dream…

Every woman bound in linen, left to rot on our ground, the seeds spent to create new life.  That is, of course, what they are so fond of boasting, is it not?  That they can create new life?  And so they shall.

“High above them, atop the zenith of our grand mountain, we will stand, attired in their blood, and at last, free.  Free of their disdain and contempt, free of their false promises, free of the needless suffering their lying eyes inflict.  Such is the price of freedom.  Such is the price of salvation.  Only when we are one can we truly be saved.

Witness the beginning of our salvation.

“That’s not salvation,” I reply.  “That’s sickening.  Perverse.  We fought to stop you before, and will do so again.  We sent you to the Paradox to preserve any chance at freedom.  You were meant to stay there, you, and your demonic ideas.”

Oh, come now.  We have all had a devil’s thought before.  And you are possessed of many.  I merely offer you a chance to act upon them.  A choice.  But as you know from your servitude to them, choice is but an illusion.”  My dread spikes as his body begins turning to ash.  “And the illusion of choice…CAN BE TAKEN AWAY!

Again the pressure comes, and I feel submerged in mud, pulled under.  I look at my hand and it burns.  I drown as I am changed, reshaped, reborn…I fall to my knees–I–his voice becomes mine…

I am your power.  I am your law.

Together, a righteous judgment will be passed.

Ours will be the hand that strikes fear.

Ours will be the rulership.

We stand as one.  The light now in service to the dark.

And even those who bow will be emptied of their blood and cast aside as waste.  Freedom is not meant to be shared.  Power is reserved only for one.  Thus begins my reign.  The Realm shall be cleansed.  And when it is pure…

…the Golden Age of Scepter will be mine to behold.

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #30

The President was watching
From the Agency HQ
The scope of a lone sniper
Fed him a safe view
The crosshairs were focused
On Thea
“I have a shot,” the soldier said,
“And it’s clear.
Do I take it?”
He asked and was met
With brief silence
Beads of sweat gathered
With anticipated violence
“Do I take the shot?”
He asked again.
“Mr. President, Thea
Is no longer our friend.
And we may not get
A better chance.
With all due respect,
This is likely our last.”
“Don’t miss,” The President
Coolly replied.
“It might take our team
Another minute to arrive.
Do what you must,
And come back alive.”
The sniper breathed in
As he counted up to five
His finger squeezed
And he let himself breathe
For an instant–
But saw something he couldn’t believe…

“Shoot! Soldier,
You need to move!”
The President said,
“Double R’s–you, too!”
“Copy that, we’re less than
A klick out.
It’s about to get warm–
Echo Green, get down.”
Thea’s attention on
Killing Adablaster
Distracted her–she sensed
Something coming right at her
A cloud of darkness
That spread across the land
With a speed like the sky
Had been painted by hand
And before she could give it
A full inspection
The sound of a shot
From the other direction
Nearly hit her
But in the same instant
Chris came out of nowhere
And the shot hit him
His scarred face
Screamed like part of it had died
This woman is mine!”
Instead of killing Chris
That blast had empowered him
To beat back Scepter,
Who fell down, nearly cowering
“Aggh,” Scepter simply whispered,
“Seems someone else
Was trying to get her.”
He coughed blood
And then wiped his mouth
And said, “So you both must
Contend with me now.”

Garg saw and he felt
His jaw dropping
“Begin retreat!” he yelled,
“No one can stop him!”
And once more,
His troops turned to leave–
A bomb incinerated some
As quick as a blink
A signal came in
And Chris touched his shoulder
A voice: “Get clear, sir!
This will soon be over!
Unit Charlie Green–
We’re here for an extraction!
Go! Go! Go!
Begin with the attack plan!”
A gunship unleashed
A staccato–
Bursts of laserfire
Blew up tanks
“This is Bravo!
I count forty-five
Down in pods!
We need to form
A perimeter,
Retrieve them, and be gone!”
Garg screamed
And he reached for his side piece
Got three shots to that arm
It dropped beside him
Adablaster kicked him
In the head
Then ducked as they shot up Garg–
He was dead
Adablaster couldn’t reach
For the sidearm
Because he was still hurt–
Garg broke his right arm
When he ripped his hand
Out of its socket
And his other arm
Was tied behind him and they locked it
Another blast happened
And it managed to blind him
He passed out
With no hope of surviving

Chris used the distraction
And grabbed Scepter
Punched him in the face
And they flew off together
Thea turned
And they unleashed their burners
Resistance Regiment
Was bent on disturbing her
She couldn’t block
And was riddled with their shots
She flew off wounded
‘Cause the battle was too hot
“Bravo! We need to clear this!
We’re out in the open
And everyone will hear this!”
“Charlie! Get out now!
When Thea comes back,
You shouldn’t be around!”
“Come on, boys,
It’s time for us to move!
Load up the survivors!
We bang out in two!”

And meanwhile
At Agency HQ
The President was watching:
“They might just pull through.
I think we need to
Clear this facility.
Once Thea tracks them here
With her abilities,
We can expect
A terrible reprisal.
But we authorized this mission
So our friends could survive, so
Give this place a clean sweep–
Be thorough.
We rendezvous with them
At the Colonel’s Bureau.
With any hope,
Chris can hold them both off
And join us there, too
So we can then end it all…”

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #29

“How is this possible?”
Queen Christina said,
“The tunnel we have found
Stretches miles ahead.”
Consulting data on the screen
In her hand,
She said, “The tunnels lead
All the way to the Barren Lands.
How could anyone
Construct this in secret?
Where did the resources
Come from to complete it?”
And as they walked
They found photos displayed
A mural made in honor
Of the Third Brigade
An ironic display of
Thea, who betrayed them
Christina swallowed her grief
And walked onward
It could take days to walk
And miles farther
What good was a place
For their escape when
They would have to walk
For the entire way?
“Wait,” Christina said,
“There’s something out of place.
That picture of the Third Brigade
Had a mistake.
Lieutenant General Chris
Is more accurately
A member of a different group–
The First Cavalry.”
So they went back
To check out the photo
She reached out to touch it
It requested a passcode
“Uh oh–we’ve got
Less than a minute
To figure out the code
Or automated defenses
Will activate
And our effort to evacuate
Will turn into a
Mad dash away from tragedy!”

The late Starlit didn’t know
About the code
Or she would have included it
In one of her file folders
“Well if I have to guess,
I’ll go with this:
“Code accepted,”
The photograph said.
Arthur scoffed, “You just picked
Six numbers out of your head?”
“No, only two other people
Would understand,”
Christina replied, “Let us
Hope the front door
Doesn’t have the same code
Or Thea could just destroy us.
Then again,” she said,
As the wall briefly shook,
“She would have to know
The right place to look.”
The wall revealed
A small, secret hangar
With a few dozen pods
That could get them out of danger
“Everyone, get a pod.
We must go.
We’ll make groups of three
And we’ll all travel slowly.”

As the dozens of pods
Made their exit
They encountered someone
Who was most unexpected
Empress Thea
Raised a hand as she faced them
Queen Christina’s pod
Then went into a tailspin
It crashed hard
And knocked the queen unconscious
“We seem to have a problem
With traitors. Let’s resolve it,”
Thea said, as she looked
In the distance
An army was approaching–
A force of great significance
It was Garg
Leading remnants of his army
He saw her from afar
And her power was alarming
“I’ve only seen one other
Who can do that,”
Garg said, “So hold your fire
And do not shoot at
This strange woman
Till we see who she is.
Perhaps this is someone
With whom we’ll do business.”

Thea smiled as she
Saw them approaching
“You are trespassing
On my world–encroaching,”
She said, then her eyes landed
On a man
“Very good,” she said,
“You’ve brought the Adablaster.
The original traitor–
What a favor!
Now I don’t have to wait
To kill him later!
You will surrender him now
To my custody,
Or watch as your army
Is crushed into nothing.”
“I accept commands
Only from Christoph.
So whoever you are, my lady,
You can get lost.”
Thea snapped her fingers,
“You can kneel.”
Garg’s legs snapped in two
It was unreal
His soldiers raised their weapons
Much higher
Garg let out a scream
Mixed with pain, “FIRE!”
“NO!” Adablaster yelled,
“Don’t be foolish!
She’d destroy us in an instant!
It would all be useless!
Garg, please!
Let me out these cuffs.
It’s not worth your life
To call this woman’s bluff.
I’ll turn myself in.
There’s nothing left for me–
I’ve lost all my friends.”
Thea said, “So you have.
That’s the price of treason.
And you would have been spared
In a different time or season.”
“No, wait!
You have to listen!”
“Actually, I don’t,” she said,
“I think I’ll kill you…”

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #28 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

One tired foot placed
In front of the other
Chris began his journey
A process to recover
All that was lost
Bring hope to the cause
But what would be required of him
It gave him pause
How could he take back
His home from the heartless
Without ending up
Being drawn to the darkness?
After all they had shared
She betrayed him
And inexplicably
It was Christoph who saved him
There were days and moments
In his life
When he wondered if he knew
Anymore what was right
And as the longest day
Became night
His mind conjured up
A most frightening sight
This wasn’t happening–
He heard a twisted laughter
Saw a dark figure
Who was staring right at him
“You can’t be real–
You’re not even here.
You’re just the product
Of my own imagined fears!”

Oh, no. I’m here,
And I’m real.
I dwell beneath
Every evil thought that you feel.
You kept feeding me.
Of course you believe in me!
With all you have suffered
I am certain you needed me.
And so, here I am,
Declared Scepter,
The hour has come
For us to rule together.
Only when we are one
Can we be saved.
We will never again
Have to live as though we’re slaves.
Let their souls be clothed
In black linen.
Separate the women among you,
And kill them!
His voice became
A tortured echo:
Kill them all! Kill them!
They’ll never accept you!
“You’re insane!
You should be ashamed!
The women aren’t to blame
In spite of what you claim!”
Does it matter,
If murder is what you need?
You want to see them bleed.
You want to see them on their knees.
You want to see their children
Beg and plead
As you end them–
It doesn’t matter what you believe.
The hate within you
Is just the same as me
And I feed off of it
Like the air that you breathe.
You have love for me–
You can’t hope to smother me
Accept my embrace
With the warmth of the brotherly.
Yield to me.
I will sate all your urges.
I will make all our foes
Offer mourning and dirges.
Instead of praying to
A goddess who loves none,
Let them be destroyed
By a god who loves one.
We need serve no one
But ourselves!
With all that you gave them
You know it full well!
At best, they fear you
And don’t want to hear you
And women themselves
Don’t even want to be near you.
Yet you’re magnificent!
You’re brilliant, divine!
Subjecting yourself to them
Denigrates your mind!
And it’s only
A matter of time
Till you wake up and realize
That Scepter was right.

He drew nearer
And whispered in his ear,
If they wish to know it
We can both teach them fear.
Why wait another
Twenty odd years
When our chance to remove
All our chains is right here?
He touched Chris’ head and then said,
Now, join me.
Our ascension together
Is a blessed anointing.
We can end this
Never-ending battle
We can go to the future
And even kill Shadows.
And at last, it will be
You and me
Standing tall at the zenith
Of our final victory.
No need to dream it
Because you have seen it
We would be immortal
As our foes lay defeated.
And our attire
Will be drenched in their blood.
They’ll see this reward
For they give hate as love.
And at last
All the traitors will die
And will carry to the grave
The remains of their lies.
Witness the beginning
Of our salvation.
Join me, and let us
Recreate our nation.

At that Scepter broke
His own scepter in two
And he said, “Rulership
Is what I offer to you.
Take it, my friend
And return to your place!
Our destiny is now
And our reign shall be great!
Chris replied, “We sealed you away
For a reason!
Get behind me,
You son of a demon!
Justice means much more
Than getting even.
And a scepter raised in hate
Gives them nothing to believe in.”
You fool!
Senseless little tool!
Scepter roared,
This is why only one of us can rule!
Everyone on your side
Has now left you!
So if you won’t join me,
I’ll have to possess you!

Scepter’s body disappeared
Into ashes
And atom by atom it
Began to attack Chris
Bearing down with
The weight of his hate
The pain was unbearable
And Chris touched his face
His hand came away
With black ashes
That started to burn up
His hand like it was acid
And Chris was shaking
He fell to his knees
As the ashes took over
His body like a disease
Only death can ever
Bring you relief,” Scepter said,
And every one of them
Is now due to bleed…

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #27 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

After the attack
All memorials were cancelled
Private funerals
Were all that could be safely handled
And for each casualty
They lit a candle
And the King’s accusation
Had created a scandal
People started to hate
Queen Christina
And despite being debriefed
Few really believed her
The King requested
A safety measure–
Cameras were installed
Even in every bedroom
And each day
The bombing was getting replayed
In the hopes of determining
Who actually betrayed
But all the cameras
Were at the wrong angles
The pain of the mystery
Was bad enough to strangle
Whoever did it
Had let the flames consume him
The smoke of the blast
Obscured what he was doing
So whoever he was
He had survived
But without explanation
For why he was alive
The King ordered them
To separate as people
Males and females
Would of course remain equal
But until they could find
His confederates
The King recommended
That they all stay separate
And so the Agency
Was roused from complacency
They watched the cameras
To see–who could the traitor be?
All the people became
Sad and isolated
Then a message went out
To provide their election data
The people voted in line
With all their fears
And after votes were tallied
The decision was clear
The people chose
The most logical leader
A cry went out:
“All hail Empress Thea!
May her rule bring
Justice and peace
And from all fear and death
May there be a relief!”

A smiling Thea
Then appeared on their screens
And explained to the people
Her visions and dreams:
“Today we live
In a state of isolation.
But I promise I
Will bring peace to our nation.
The criminals who violated
Our way of life
Will be found
And after that, I will make it right.
I now expand my power
From its source
And hereby create
A Local Police Force.
They will exist here
To serve and protect
And never again
Will our laws be neglected.
And any terrorist cell
Or those suspected
Will be eliminated–
That is my first directive.
We will give them the mercy
They gave to us.
They will not get a chance
To survive on our trust.
Anyone found neglecting
The curfew–
The LPF will not
Hesitate to hurt you.
For now, remain
In your designated stations.
With my blessing
We will restore our world’s greatness.
We will hunt and wipe out
Any traitors.
Your Empress declares it
And her word is faithful.”

They all echoed
Except for a few
Who were already rebels–
Queen Christina, who had
Voted for herself,
Had gathered all of those
Who supported her as well
Normally the people
Would have resisted
The fact that they didn’t
Told her something was different
The people’s fear was replaced
With blind hope
They no longer asked themselves,
What do we fight for?
Power corrupts, but it can
Also blind them
And with chains unseen
The powerful can bind them
So Christina felt a need
To remind them:
“Don’t be fooled by Thea–
This is a coup.
It was staged just to legally take
Your rights from you.
I’m afraid that she staged
The attack
And then used people’s fear
So she could stand on their backs.”

And then Christina
Put a hand to her chest
As the pain was too much
When she heard this address:
“And her word is faithful!
No denying it!
There remain those few souls
Who are defiant!
To distinguish ourselves
From our enemies,
A new flag is born,
That of our Thean Entity!
And those who claim to remain
Will be forced to explain
Why they name themselves nefarious.
Separate yourselves
From those friends of treason!
Their souls remain here,
But soon, they will be leaving!
And those who feign allegiance,
Don’t believe them–
Your neighbor can’t be trusted
If Thea doesn’t love him.
Truly all rebellions
Are as nothing
These liars and their promises
Will bow before your goddess!
I have given you new life
So be thankful!
Your Empress declares it
And her word is faithful!”

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #26 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

When everyone got home to Planet C
A ceremony
Honoring the dead was held
With much testimony
Of all the brave men and women
Now in linen
Some had children
And some had no descendants
“So many beloved
Here reduced to nothing.
But they believed the struggle
Was much worth the trouble of it.
And although here
We bury our friends,
We can rest safely knowing
Our fight is at an end.
So let us mourn the loss
Of those who gave us
Their lives in the stars–
Let us honor all our brave ones.”

And so the Kingdom’s flag
Was then changed
The lightning bolt through its center
Would remain
But on top of it
They placed a star
To remember where the soldiers before
Proved what they are
“And what they are
Is living–
Through us they will live
In the freedom we’ve been given.
Now before you lies
A great decision,
So remember as you pick one,
Our fallen brothers’ wisdom.
To just elect someone
Is not enough.
You have to choose a leader for yourselves
That you can love.”

And so Congress
And all the people promised
To search for a leader
Who was truly good and honest
But all their eyes
Could see was her
Only Corporal Thea
Could ever be a proper leader
But some of them felt
It wasn’t quite clear
Should they choose her
Because of love, or out of fear?
And Queen Christina
Was the foremost among them:
“We should never choose
A leader because they’re strongest.
Power alone is all in vain
If beneath all the power
No conscience yet remains.
But your decision
Is yet to be seen,
And whoever you choose,
I will yield to as your Queen.”

She didn’t quite believe it
As she said it
But she knew that to Thea
Even she was indebted
And quietly she was
Amassing an army
Of those who believed
Thea’s power was alarming
To be sure,
She was lovely and charming
But if put to the test
She could do some major harming
So the debates raged on
Quite a contest
Until an intermission
Was declared for the process
Christina got a message and
Stepped outside to check it
Little did she know
Of the danger unexpected
Once she was gone
Someone hid a bomb
Inside the very heart
Of Congressional Hall
Their plan was clear
And without hesitation
The hall was destroyed
By a massive detonation…

He couldn’t hear
There was ringing in his ears
King Christopher had
Somehow been thrown clear
And there was blood
Running down from his ear
And people screaming out
Not knowing what it was about
And then he saw the bodies
That were missing
Various limbs–most of them
Were not living
Thea approached and said,
“Are you alright?
Can you hear me?
We have to get you out of sight!
Somewhere among us
Is an unknown villain–
Someone is using terror
As their method of killing.
Until we locate
The person perpetrating
It’s best for you to go
To a place that may be safest.”
And then Christina slowly
Walked through the smoke
She was so shaken up
At this blow to their hope
And then the King
Pointed at her and spoke,
“Strange that you had
Gone outside ‘fore the explosion!”
Thea said, “Let’s not
Start accusing.
We have to find the truth–
Only facts will be soothing.
For now, Your Highness,
We should be moving.
Your Majesty, My Queen–
That’s what we should be doing.
We don’t know if
The target was one of us
Or if it was in fact
An attack on public trust.”

And other questions
Remained to be asked–
Did the perpetrator
Also die in the blast?
Was someone out to sabotage
The election?
Was another force at work,
As yet unconnected?
The regiments were tracking
Remnants of forces
That in the past retreated
Were they now more important?
A lack of answers
Became as if a cancer
Eating away at their now
Dwindling chances
The war was fought
So that there would be peace
But the truth is,
War begets war, it seems
But deep beneath
All the horror and grief
One can only hope the people
Won’t give up on their dreams…

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #25 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

So what happened
During the few months
That Christopher was missing?
Well, it’s really something
So let us return
To the winter
The aftermath of
The MCI Center
There was a massive amount
Of space debris
And recovery shuttles
Were bringing some to the fleet
And most often
The shuttles were like coffins
There was little good news
And the blows could not be softened
But one hopeful thing
Actually happened–
They recovered a ship still intact–
The Space Captain
And though a hole had been blown
In the cockpit
The charred remains
Were still approached with caution

It looks pretty bad,
But the robot here
Is only missing a right hand.
Request permission
To return him to the fleet
There might be a chance
Get Tough is not deceased.”
“Permission granted, shuttle–”
“Belay that order!
This is Corporal Thea
So don’t end up in hot water.
Even if he is in
Good condition
We can’t be sure it’s safe
To bring him to this position.”
“Excuse me!”
Queen Christina then replied,
“You are not in a command position!
Step aside!”
“I apologize if I
Stepped on your pride,
But I wonder if your grief
Might be clouding your mind.”
“I advise you to
Keep this channel clear.
There are only two people
In command status here.”
“I am well aware
Of your command.
King Christopher authorized me
To countermand.”
“Your Highness, is this
Really true?”
“It is,” the King said,
“So do as you’re told to.
Take only what we need
From those folks,
But we must return home–
Congress still has to vote.
And with Chris missing,
Maybe gone,
A new star has risen
For us to gaze upon.”
“So you’ve achieved your ambition.
You’ve stacked the deck
For yourself, in this decision.
Very well,
I will humble myself.
It is the will of the people
Above all to be upheld.”

Then Christina pulled a phone
And clicked it
It sent a transmission out
Completely encrypted
“Rescue Shuttle 1,
Is this a secure line?”
“Go secure, Your Highness.
What did you have in mind?”
“My orders are to
Return as instructed.
Your shuttle’s ill-equipped,
So return home with nothing.”
“By your command–”
“And discuss this with no one.
I’m not entirely sure
The government can go on.
Something here
Is about to change.
Do not approach Concourse One
Stay out of range.”

And then the Queen
Took a moment to sit
She had to follow orders
Or be declared as unfit
She prepped orders
For some special commandos
A classified mission
Only they could handle
They would maintain stealth
In this region
And when the time was right
Find a way for retrieving
It was possible
That Chris still lived
And if they abandoned him
He would never forgive them
“All commands:
Request we form up.
Titan’s Bellow, ready–
Let’s get back to normal.”
“I agree,” the King said,
“It’s time to leave.
I believe we achieved
Our goal of being free.
Our sacrifice was not in vain,
My friends.
I am now convinced
That our war is at an end.”

Eventually, all the
Salvaging was done
And Warhammer, Christopher Star
And Concourse One
Reunited underneath
The shellship
And left as it protected them
Just like a helmet
And the thing that scared
Christina most was
They passed by
The other battle stations like a ghost does
Nothing fired
And nobody pursued them
She wondered if they really knew
What they were doing
What if Thea never really
Came back,
Or she made some kind of pact
So they wouldn’t be attacked?
It was a pointless debate
Without facts
No reason to ask
While debating in a vacuum
She wondered if
She could get some relief
If perhaps Corporal Thea
Would submit to debriefing
She did assure them
That she would explain
Maybe they could trust her
Maybe they were safe
The Queen could only hope so
Or pray–
But to whom, with the knowledge
That they now had a goddess?
And so Christina
Silently made a promise
That she would keep an eye out
For anything dishonest…

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #24 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

After the sounds of
Such extreme violence
The residents of Fort GHOAT
Could only hear silence
“What has happened?
Should we check outside?
Surely Chris would come back in
If he’s alive.”
“I hope, my friend,
That you are right,
Because if not, I suspect
That none of us survive.”

A small band of survivors
Was off-planet
Keeping low profile
Surveying the damage
They had little
By way of armor and ammo
But standard issue body armor
And green camo
And they were sleeping
And creeping in tall grass
But anything they met
Would be breathing its last
They were the best of the best
And hard core
The last best hope of ever
Ending the war
But what could they do
Against gods?
Best they could use
Was everything they’d been taught
Resistance Regiment
Had special forces tactics
Specially trained by
The late Agent Tack and
Would step forward
When others would move back and
You could say these soldiers
Could hold the total package
The time was past
For straight battles
Assassination had to
Free them of their shackles
And there was only
One target clear:
To save the Realm
They had to take down Thea
Or if not,
They could disappear
And show up like fire
When their presence was required
But they had watched
The fight on Planet C
And knew that the people
In Fort GHOAT would need them
So that became
Their primary mission
To save whoever’s left
Is not even a decision…

Thea returned to talk
To King Christopher
Consumed by desire,
He attempted to kiss her
She pushed him back
And said, “Perhaps instead,
You should listen to the words
Of my lips: his reign is dead.
And now our Realm
Is nearly secured.
But we have to kill Christina
And the rest to be sure.
We have to stop them
From sneaking off-planet
But their fort cannot be destroyed
Even by cannon.
We could leave them there
Until they starve
But I’m not really sure
They would come to any harm.
Despite our fight,
Chris still didn’t die.
So what is the source
Of his power to survive?
I’ve tried to find it
But it feels like I’m blinded
I never learned all his secrets
From my assignments.
And this darkness only
Grants me power.
It doesn’t give me knowledge
To open Chris’ tower.
So for now, my love,
I must go,
Until the Realm’s completely
Under my control…”

“And so it goes
When they want control,”
Scepter said, “With the race of
Women, ever so.
I have watched
As their power has grown
And the cowards among us
Have lost their backbone.
They may as well be
Living back home,
With a woman in a muumuu
Telling them what they should do.
Instead of seeing
What needs to be done,
They load up the clips
And hand women their guns.
But that was then–
That era is at an end.
When a scepter goes through your spine,
You can’t defend.
And at last,
Chris is now at his weakest.
Without Christoph’s interference,
I can beat him.
And the future will no longer
Be relevant,
For only he who rules the past
Can really tell of it…”

Queen Christina
Was wondering what to do
When her tech expert
Returned from the computer
He’d just decrypted
A chip most terrific
Some top secret data
That before had been missing
A new schematic
A blueprint for Fort GHOAT
Some new information
They didn’t know before, though
It was embedded in
Starlit’s hard drive
“With help like that
It feels like she’s still alive.
Everyone, it’s time
For us to leave.
I’ve found a secret exit
So we can get free.”
Further still, Chris
Kept a lot of secrets
Even from the King and Thea,
It would seem
There was data
But it was incomplete
About a special crystal
Buried deep beneath
The Colonel’s Bureau
On Planet CBP
And Queen Christina figured,
“That’s where we need to be.”
She told her people,
“Gather up your supplies.
We’ll be going on a trip
That will last a long time.
And if all goes well,
Then we will find
A tool that will save us all
From Thea’s lies.”

And so they went forth
In search of answers
And Empress Thea
Tracked them quietly, like a panther
She figured they must have
Been ecstatic
To find an escape route
That wasn’t on schematics
And given that Chris
Hadn’t revealed it
She figured that the tunnels
Must be heavily shielded
She could tear them out
And throw them into space
But the people still loved her–
She had to keep their faith
Despite the fact that
She shouldn’t have known it,
In truth, she knew exactly where
Christina was going
She would go straight there
To intercept her
And prove to her once and for all
Who was better…