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That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Man

That’s just, like,
Your opinion, man
It’s a personal point of view
Like a heart or a soul
It’s something that’s unique to you

That’s just, like,
Your opinion, man
And I’m sure it’s important
Oh, that’s how you voted?
Oh, so that movie isn’t that cool?
And I’m here
Nodding my head
And pretending to notice
But it’s really quite hopeless
As inwardly I’m thinking that we’re fools

But that’s still my
Opinion, man
It’s a personal point of view
Like a heart or a soul
It’s something unique to me, too
Like when parents ask,
“Where’ve you been, young man?”
And he answers,
“Did you just assume my gender?”
“It is male, or don’t you remember?”
“No, I’m genderqueer!”
“Well, I’m kicking your rear!”
“Well, that’s just
Your opinion, Dad.
You’re from an era of rules that are long forgotten.”
“And yet, I have spoiled you rotten–
What a fool I was to have begotten!”

Well, that’s just, like,
His opinion, man–
But I use that in a general way
No, I certainly don’t mean to say
You are male, if that’s not how it lays
Because it’s
An opinion, man
Yes, a personal point of view
It’s unique to you
Not like glasses
Or like shoes oft regarded as classics
And sometimes I wish I’d not had access
To opinions of so many aspects

Like Twitter
How that rhymes with bitter
And Russian bots
Want to boycott Rian Johnson
And trailers for films
That portray themselves Honest
And people’s reactions
To a brand new Sonic
I really do find that it’s all
Quite moronic
And not much help ailing
Anxiety chronic

But that’s,
Just like,
My opinion, ma’am
At this point in life
And it cannot be wrong or right
At least not in reality’s sight
It’s not quantifiable
Not worth having fights
It’s just
An opinion

And opinions are words
There is no need to use them to hurt
There’s more than enough
On this Earth
To bring sorrow if we see tomorrow
So when you have
An opinion, man
I get it, I understand
But as Bill and Ted once wisely uttered,
Let us be excellent to each other
For in this brief life we are brothers
There is no need to injure our kindred
So let us be kinder instead

With our opinions



Yes, obviously, the Dude.  I am not actually a big fan of Mr. Lebowski, who this is obviously referencing, though I’ve seen that film, The Big Lebowski, once.  Thought it was pretty unusual.  Perhaps one might enjoy it while under the influence of something, but otherwise, just not for me.

Hmm.  It was a random moment I had, when I broke out into song, in my head, as I was walking one day.  And I just went with wherever the song carried me, and much of this was the end result–or at least enough of it that I decided to write the song.  Of course, certainly some opinions are wrong–many of the opinions humanity has clung to have even been detrimental for a very long time.  So this is sort of a joke song, but…also intended to just say, even if you really despised a movie, or you don’t agree with someone, you can still be kind to each other.  Often I just prefer not to say anything at all if I think I might say something hurtful to someone.

But, yeah, that’s just my opinion.  So…here we are.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, because I haven’t been very inspired.  I’ve been writing my book, but it’s not going as well as I’d like, and I’ve no idea if it’s any good.  Might consider posting an excerpt or two from it in the future.  Anyway, thanks for reading, if you’re still out there.

Never Matt Damon Again – a song

This is going to seem totally random to the uninitiated as far as the saga of “Not Matt Damon”, but that’s okay.  I’ve been working on this comedy story about a psychologist who looks just like Matt Damon, who through a series of strange coincidences and events, ends up becoming the mortal enemy of the real Matt Damon.  Any similarity to the actual Matt Damon is of course, coincidental and unintended. I’d been putting it on Twitter, but I think the episodes/scenes will migrate here, to the Atin-Fi 328th Anniversary Clone Trooper Show…

Anyway, I was batting around titles for the second and third stories, after I’m done writing “Not Matt Damon”.  “Never Matt Damon Again” came to mind, and I was reminded of that James Bond ‘Thunderball’ clone ‘Never Say Never Again’…and so I wrote a parody song with that in mind, though it’s probably just taking the chorus from that one as the music:

Never Matt Damon Again


A Matthew now better

Has seen

And dreamed with the stars

But Matt

Matt Damon will get him

And make sure

He’s never Matt Damon again


He’ll say,

“Matthew!  You think you’re so clever.

But who can act better

Than one who is paid to pretend?

I’ll get this fool

Subject him to terror

And teach him to never

Never Matt Damon again.”

Never, never Matt Damon again [x 4]


It’s you and I

Our destinies tethered

It’s you, the trend-setter

And me, the trained psychologist

So it’s a duel

Of mind and of mettle

That we’ll finally settle

With you in an institution


He’ll say,

“Matt, you!  You think you’re so clever.

Can’t keep it together

Because you’re mentally unhinged.

I’ll prove to you

That you are in error

And teach you to never

Never Matt Damon again.”

Never, never Matt Damon again [x 4]


I’ll take you

I’ll fake you

I’ll beat you

Defeat you

And then we’ll know

Who of us is clever

Which one is the better

The better Matt Damon will win

So soon you’ll go

Down in all the records

As the one who’s never

Never Matt Damon again!

Never, never Matt Damon again [x 6]