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Rap Double Feature: My World/Knightmare, Inspired by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

My World

From the sky came down
As an infant
Lived here thirty years
Without incident
Other than rumors
From a Smallville community
No one believed them
No one could prove it’s me
I lived like a drifter
Through the heartland
Saved people in need
When I saw them
Heard Canadian men
In a bar, there’s
Talk of an alien ship
Then I was gone there

Rest of the story goes
As it was told
I learned how to fly
And I rescued them all so
They built a statue
Of me and they hoped
That the next time trouble came
I’d save their souls
But there were still those
Who fell through the cracks
The mothers and fathers that
I can’t bring back
It was my fault
It’s just like I killed them
Called Zod here
And he made me a villain
So I can’t blame them
Because they blame me
I had to kill him
That decision changed me
I have to carry the guilt
Atop the world
As I look at the names
Of the orphaned little girls
People wondering why
I don’t smile much
Thousands of lives
That my actions have now touched
They don’t know what it’s like
To have to bear it
I’m learning that right
Doesn’t come without errors

Is there anything left
Worth fighting for?
Articles on football?
What am I writing for?
There’s a man like a bat
And he’s branding folks
And I don’t know what it is
That he’s planning for
I still believe in the hope
That I’m standing for
Underneath the mask
Is a man of war
He’s been around
Been a rumor for a long time
But somehow
He has gone to the wrong side
I confront him
He’s a jerk with a smirk
I could easily stun him
And end all his life’s work
But we’re not foes
He’s hurting, I know
He saw his parents killed
And it torments him so
Now he can hurt me
And put me at his mercy
Evil plans at others’ hands
So disturbing
I recall at his root
He is powerless
I must remind him
That evil is cowardice
That he became
Just like Joe Chill
When for no cause at all
He decided to kill

Red hair
And the looks of a goddess
She’s the one who understands
I can be honest
Tough as nails
On the trail of a story
Life by her side
It could never be boring
She can stand up to anyone
From a terror in the desert
To the heads at the Pentagon
A man of steel wouldn’t feel
But a third as strong
Without her in this world
I do not belong
I’m afraid I would burn it all down
If the day ever came
When my world’s not around
Now I realize that
She is my world
I would stop any fight
To go rescue my girl
So I don’t have to be afraid
Of a doomsday
Saving the world?
No, just another Tuesday



It’s a Knightmare
There’s a bright light there
This scenario would even make
Bat-Mite scared
There’s a city destroyed
Just ahead of me
The last Greek letter
Is the symbol of my enemy
Burned in the ground
Burning the town
Surrender now
Or head underground
I spot a big truck
Also see a big bus
Hoping the delivery man
Is someone we trust
He pulls up
There’s no sign of suspicion
Shows me a container
That looks in good condition
Then he opens it up
I look inside
It’s a battery and not Kryptonite
I’m surprised
He pulls a gun
As he apologizes
And my people are killed
Before I realize it

What have I done?
There’s a gun in my hands
Ever since that night
I know I can’t stand them
It’s so strange
I’m blowing folks away
Snapping necks, breaking limbs
And crushing brains
‘Cause I’m the last hope
For Earth’s salvation
Burn the rule book
And save the human race from
These evil aliens
What is this about?
One punch to my head
And I’m knocked out
I come to
Hung up next to two dudes
Sounds in the distance
Like a sonic boom
I see the soldiers
Taking one knee
And a god comes down
From the sky ‘cause he wants me
Heat from his eyes
Kills in mere seconds
He saves me for last
And I start to feel desperate
But I’m resolute
Nobody can rescue you
If I meet the end
Dad and Mom, I’m expecting you

He rips off the mask
Looks kind of mad
This is what it’s like
When aliens turn bad
He explains that I took
Someone from him
He murders me
It’s a done deal
I hear some shouting
And I see a bright lightning
A dude in red reaching for me
It’s frightening
He’s telling me
I was right to fear him
I don’t have a clue
I can barely hear him
He warns me,
“You have to find us, Bruce!”
And make friends again
Like I was trying to do
Was it a dream
Or a memory?
A warning from a future
Ruled by evil entities
We have to stand
And unite the league
Bring justice to any
Wanting fights with me

“Tell That to Zod’s Snapped Neck”

Deployed the World Engine
Now the world’s ending
They’re about to be rubble
I wasn’t expecting trouble from
A dude in a red cape
Suddenly got a neck ache
Shrugged it off–
Born a soldier, I’m a heavyweight
Things didn’t turn out
Like I was hoping
With Kal about to drown
In the Indian Ocean
He’s recharged
And looking for more targets
Metropolis and Gotham are
Madison Square Garden
Hey, Kal
Sorry about your mom
If you destroy this ship,
You destroy Krypton!
He thinks about it
And I think he understands
Until he goes and says:
“Krypton had its chance!”
Then he attacks
And now I’ve got whiplash
No embryos
I’m about to see my ship crash
As the city is demolished
Beneath me
I see a man driving
In an SUV, he
Looks up in rage
As I smash up his satellite
Fists are flying
And now I’ve got to battle right
We’re deadlocked
Kal’s got me in a headlock
Oh no–
It’s actually a choke hold
Heat vision
And it’s last respects
For the family ahead
Until he snaps my neck

Whenever people
Offer disrespect
They can go ahead and
Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck
You see, it’s all about
The disconnect
You can tell that to Zod’s snapped neck

My vision blurs
As I hit the floor
And I feel the kind of pain
I’ve never felt before
And I was beaten
By a farmer and a scientist
Born a soldier?
Now I see what the science did
What good’s my skill set?
Kal hasn’t been killed yet
I feel that–
Plus my neck hasn’t been healed yet
So you can feel free
To tell it to my neck
It’s already been snapped
So it makes no difference
You can tell it about
Your wife and kids
You can tell it all the things
That are none of your business
You can tell it’s
A big running gag
From a twenty minute script
People think that it’s bad
But I don’t mind
Get a giggle everytime
Maybe I’m the only one
And I’m out of my mind
But then again
I did feel my neck snap
The wave of the pain
Could delay the new Lex app
But right now
I have my own theme song
Neck snapping back and forth
Like it’s ping-pong
You think my movie’s bad?
Well you can dream on
Stuckmann has proved
He could rewrite a scene on
Social media
It hit like a meteor
Or like a neck snapping
In a crowded, dark theater
And so it’s sad–
The kind of life you’ve got
Excuse me–I think I’m going to need
Some IcyHot

Whenever people
Offer disrespect
They can go ahead and
Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck
You see, it’s all about
The disconnect
You can tell that to Zod’s snapped neck

Superman killed me
They built him a statue
I’m wearing flippers
Getting stuck in a bathroom
And they compared me
To Lord of the Rings?
Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck
You fiends
You’re not required
To like Zack Snyder–
Who makes eight-fifty mill
And gets fired?
You’ll be declaring his doomsday
Till Tuesday
Then lining up
For Ultimate Cut Blu-Rays
Unlike Stuckmann
You’re out of luck, man
Neck’s messed up
In a bag zipping up, man
You’re having Knightmares
Of me standing right there
Picking the mask off your face
Like a ripe pear
And devils don’t come
From the sky
They hate like the Rotten Tomatoes
Do online
It’s a consensus
How their rage is pent up
All out of shape
Over movies, getting bent up
The requests
Mean a smashing success
The movie that millions
Of people have selected
And if it’s something
That you can’t accept
Then you can go tell that
To Zod’s snapped neck

Whenever people
Offer disrespect
They can go ahead and
Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck
You see, it’s all about
The disconnect
You can tell that to Zod’s snapped neck

Hey, come on now–
What did you expect?
Go bounce like bad checks
Or baskets of magnets
If I unfollowed
Or blocked you in sadness
It’s because you’re hating
And I just wasn’t having it
Wondering why?
‘Cause it’s not in my habit
To waste all my time
In a mood like Batman
Sorry folks
If you want to act savage
Then call up Vandal–
He’s the one who likes that
Go figure out
Where your life’s at
Like Victor Fries
Go chill where your wife’s at
And as for me
I’ll stick to where my mic’s at
In the Phantom Zone alone
When I write that
I will find him, Lara–
I will find him!
And if there are raps supreme
I will write them
More than good
The best you can expect
And if not, then
Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck
I hear an echo
Of you on my level
But when the dust settles
You’re down below several
I was trained
To master rap senses
My face is in the dictionary–
Where “intense” is
So whatever you are
Or your intent is
Zod’s snapped neck
Is where it’s all ending

Whenever people
Offer disrespect
They can go ahead and
Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck
You see, it’s all about
The disconnect
You can tell that to Zod’s snapped neck