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B.A.S.S. (Bracelets, Armor, Sword and Shield) – inspired by Wonder Woman (2017)

Step to the mic
Sword and shield
The battle will not be fair
So never yield
Great power concealed
In twin bracelets
They never break
So there won’t be replacements
Can’t trust in men
We’ll stay safer here
Never let ’em in
That rule is very clear
Like our water
Keep the isle in order
A man washes up on the shore–
On our borders
Bringing news
Of a Great War
Mankind in danger
Like never before
Only the worthy can
Take the sword
Like Excalibur
One woman has the talent for it

Sword and Shield
June 2nd
Wonder Woman will be revealed
So long
Finally it’s real
June 2nd
Wonder Woman will be revealed

Sweep the leg
Like karate, kid
In slow motion
Drop you with a body kick
I stop bullets
With the flick of a wrist
Twice as good so that
No one else is questioning this
So raise your fists
It’s too late for mansplaining
And when the fight ends
It’s Wonder Woman remaining
And every night I’m training
A warrior’s gift
Comes from pain that I’m gaining
Achieve mastery
Prevent all catastrophe
Gods in the heavens
And below still mad at me
I take haters
And I’m ready for more
All these keyboard warriors
Aren’t ready for war

Sword and Shield
June 2nd
Wonder Woman will be revealed
So long
Finally it’s real
June 2nd
Wonder Woman will be revealed

On June 2nd
I’ll provide the proof
So trust that what I do
Is not decided by you
Hanging my head
At how low they stoop
I disprove you fools
With the Lasso of Truth
Looking like I found
Fountains of youth
‘Cause I’m timeless
Haters realizing I’m finest
Walked away from
A century of horrors
School of Hard Knocks
I graduated with honors
And even scholars
Tell stories so fake
I would know–I was there
I spotted all the mistakes
Man made a world
Where we’re divided
When the foe arrives
They’ll find us united
Before that
It all starts with me
Wonder Woman leads the charge
To the victory
Shall we?

Sword and Shield
June 2nd
Wonder Woman will be revealed
So long
Finally it’s real
June 2nd
Wonder Woman will be revealed

The Battle

Most times it’s what
Life’s about
You get knocked down
Twenty rounds every bout
And the crowd
It can fill you with doubt
The pain so loud
It can feel like a shout
Raise your temperature
Break your intentions
Leave you seeing stars
Like a fifth dimension
Not to mention
The tossing and turning
Dreams so bad
Make you feel like you’re burning
And it’s sad
When you feel like you earned it
Mistakes can make you
Feel like you deserved it
And is it worth it?
So often I’ve heard that
When people hurt you
It’s natural to hurt back
But you need to
Defend from attack
Keep your guard up
Till it’s your time to act

On the ground
It can feel like a ten count
Throwing in the towel
Is not what you have been about
Can’t see
From the cuts in your eyes
And can’t flee
From all the suffering inside
Don’t know
What is real and what’s not
But don’t show
All of the fear that you’ve got
Go slow
When you’re taking your shot
Don’t roll
With all the fakes who forgot
When you lose
There’s not much to do
But you choose
If you want to quit from the bruise
When you fail
You let trials prevail
Nothing can avail you
If bumps derail you
Don’t go drinking
Instead start thinking
That if you go down
You’ll do it while you’re swinging

Any captain
Can sink with their ship
Life likes to happen
When we’re not equipped
Books can offer
A path or a tip
But applying your mind
Is the best kept gift
I never slip
From the sweat and the blood
We know how to quit
We learn not to give up
And it’s a battle, man
I won’t lie
People die when drawing up the battle plans
As for me
Not having it
There’s a peace after war
And peace is what I have to get
So will they sink me now?
Not happening
My mind is my fist
My sword, spear and javelin
And when the world’s unraveling
I take up the pen and pad
And keep battling
And while I’m not quite
Rapping yet
Life is a gift
And I’m not done wrapping it

Rap Double Feature: My World/Knightmare, Inspired by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

My World

From the sky came down
As an infant
Lived here thirty years
Without incident
Other than rumors
From a Smallville community
No one believed them
No one could prove it’s me
I lived like a drifter
Through the heartland
Saved people in need
When I saw them
Heard Canadian men
In a bar, there’s
Talk of an alien ship
Then I was gone there

Rest of the story goes
As it was told
I learned how to fly
And I rescued them all so
They built a statue
Of me and they hoped
That the next time trouble came
I’d save their souls
But there were still those
Who fell through the cracks
The mothers and fathers that
I can’t bring back
It was my fault
It’s just like I killed them
Called Zod here
And he made me a villain
So I can’t blame them
Because they blame me
I had to kill him
That decision changed me
I have to carry the guilt
Atop the world
As I look at the names
Of the orphaned little girls
People wondering why
I don’t smile much
Thousands of lives
That my actions have now touched
They don’t know what it’s like
To have to bear it
I’m learning that right
Doesn’t come without errors

Is there anything left
Worth fighting for?
Articles on football?
What am I writing for?
There’s a man like a bat
And he’s branding folks
And I don’t know what it is
That he’s planning for
I still believe in the hope
That I’m standing for
Underneath the mask
Is a man of war
He’s been around
Been a rumor for a long time
But somehow
He has gone to the wrong side
I confront him
He’s a jerk with a smirk
I could easily stun him
And end all his life’s work
But we’re not foes
He’s hurting, I know
He saw his parents killed
And it torments him so
Now he can hurt me
And put me at his mercy
Evil plans at others’ hands
So disturbing
I recall at his root
He is powerless
I must remind him
That evil is cowardice
That he became
Just like Joe Chill
When for no cause at all
He decided to kill

Red hair
And the looks of a goddess
She’s the one who understands
I can be honest
Tough as nails
On the trail of a story
Life by her side
It could never be boring
She can stand up to anyone
From a terror in the desert
To the heads at the Pentagon
A man of steel wouldn’t feel
But a third as strong
Without her in this world
I do not belong
I’m afraid I would burn it all down
If the day ever came
When my world’s not around
Now I realize that
She is my world
I would stop any fight
To go rescue my girl
So I don’t have to be afraid
Of a doomsday
Saving the world?
No, just another Tuesday



It’s a Knightmare
There’s a bright light there
This scenario would even make
Bat-Mite scared
There’s a city destroyed
Just ahead of me
The last Greek letter
Is the symbol of my enemy
Burned in the ground
Burning the town
Surrender now
Or head underground
I spot a big truck
Also see a big bus
Hoping the delivery man
Is someone we trust
He pulls up
There’s no sign of suspicion
Shows me a container
That looks in good condition
Then he opens it up
I look inside
It’s a battery and not Kryptonite
I’m surprised
He pulls a gun
As he apologizes
And my people are killed
Before I realize it

What have I done?
There’s a gun in my hands
Ever since that night
I know I can’t stand them
It’s so strange
I’m blowing folks away
Snapping necks, breaking limbs
And crushing brains
‘Cause I’m the last hope
For Earth’s salvation
Burn the rule book
And save the human race from
These evil aliens
What is this about?
One punch to my head
And I’m knocked out
I come to
Hung up next to two dudes
Sounds in the distance
Like a sonic boom
I see the soldiers
Taking one knee
And a god comes down
From the sky ‘cause he wants me
Heat from his eyes
Kills in mere seconds
He saves me for last
And I start to feel desperate
But I’m resolute
Nobody can rescue you
If I meet the end
Dad and Mom, I’m expecting you

He rips off the mask
Looks kind of mad
This is what it’s like
When aliens turn bad
He explains that I took
Someone from him
He murders me
It’s a done deal
I hear some shouting
And I see a bright lightning
A dude in red reaching for me
It’s frightening
He’s telling me
I was right to fear him
I don’t have a clue
I can barely hear him
He warns me,
“You have to find us, Bruce!”
And make friends again
Like I was trying to do
Was it a dream
Or a memory?
A warning from a future
Ruled by evil entities
We have to stand
And unite the league
Bring justice to any
Wanting fights with me

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #32

King Christopher watched
The medics treat her
And wondered what force
Could have managed to defeat her
And who would dare to
Harm the Empress Thea?
Whoever did it could be
A threat to her career

“Is she conscious yet?
We need to put a stop to this–
Whoever is responsible
Could know who bombed Congress!”

“She’s unconscious now,
But she’s stable.
The wound was quite grievous,
But not likely fatal.”

“Summon me, doctor,
As soon as she is able
To communicate.
We need all cards on the table.”

“Your Highness, a word?”

“Of course, Lyselle, what is it?”

“We’re tracking an energy source
That’s quite different.
The caliber of the weapon used
Was strong,
But not what the Netherworld uses–
Rather odd.”

“So you’re saying one of
Our people did it?”

“Our LPF sentry’s report
Is quite significant.
A fleeing vessel that
Has claimed to be a medic’s ship–
Its departure was authorized
By the President.
I hate to say it, but
It can’t be coincidence.
The timing coincides with
The timing of this incident.”

The King was stunned and said:
“Get a secure line.
I want to speak to
The President at this time.”

The President picked up
And said, “Ah, the King.
How goes it there,
In the land of no suffering?
Tell me, is the weather
There lovely?
I’d hate to hear your voice on
A secure line for nothing.”

“You play the innocent but
Your guilt betrays you.
It seems that the Entity
Has been betrayed, too.”

“Well, it was you who
Wanted me to pray to
The dictatorship she brought
‘Twas just a prelude.
I swore an oath
To protect our people’s Kingdom.
My flag is green
And it represents our freedom.
It bears the honor
Of the souls that we’ve lost
And I will not betray it
No matter what the cost.
You’ve been deceived
By an imitation goddess–
She’s blinded your perception
And isn’t being honest.”

“Well then the burden of proof
Is on you.
Either way, you tried
An ill-fated coup.
Are you behind the
Attack on our Congress?”

“Of that great tragedy,
I have no knowledge.”

“You’ll understand if
I simply don’t believe you.
The bomb must have been
Meant for her, now I see you–
For all your kind words,
You’re unfaithful.
For all of Thea’s blessings,
You are ungrateful.”

“Christopher, she’s killed
Her own people!
Can’t you see the truth?
Empress Thea is evil!
She doesn’t care about
Us being equal!
The Battle of the MCI Center
Deceived you!
There are forces far greater
At work,
And if only you’ll be patient,
You’ll realize it’s worth it.”

“You’ve committed
An act of civil war.
On my authority,
The Agency is no more.
You were supposed to be
Investigating treason!
Now you’ve succumbed
To a false line of reasoning!
I will bring you in,
Or else attack you.”

“Then both kings and presidents
Will do what they have to.
So understand
You are up against the better man.
You’ll move against the Agency?
I hope you have a better plan.
Oh, and tell Empress Thea
Get well soon.
If you really hope to win
I suggest you bring her with you.”

King Christopher hung up
The phone,
And for a long while,
He stood there alone
With an expression
On his face that was sore
He said, “All commands:
Now we go forth to war.
We believe the unfaithful
Are all found
In league with the President
At Agency Compound.
We will wage one last fight
For our nation.
Hence it will be
The Battle of Termination.
Gather the fleet,
And get to your stations.
All citizens
Must face this situation…”

Meanwhile, Christoph–
He slowly smiled
As he said, “So it ends at last–
It took awhile.
Give them the ultimate power
Or but a taste,
And how easily a man
Will make his fall from grace.
Now to get Chris and Scepter
There in haste.
Now, at last,
All the pieces are in place….”

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #31

The medevac vessels
Were trying to stay level
And approaching atmosphere
The medics were disheveled
Frustrated, awaiting
Some good news
Something other than
Counting dead for them to do
There were multiple cases
Of head trauma
And now there were reports
Of a starfleet bomber
On approach
As a regular patrol
An expression of the Empress’
Tightening controls:

“We are authorized to use
Max force
On your vessels.
You are commanded to change course!
Turn around and be
Escorted for landing.
It’s the way to clear up
This misunderstanding.”

“This is Charlie Green–
Do not fire!
We have some people wounded
And our help is required.
This is a medical ship–”

“But you’re escaping!
If you go out in space
We’re authorized to waste you!
You’re what she warned us about–
The unfaithful!
And traitors take their resting place
Inside the grave, fool!”

“Bombing vessel,
This is now your President.
Attacks on a medical vessel
Are unprecedented.
They depart with
Clearance straight from me.
And I strongly suggest
That you leave them be.
Unless you want me
To share this with the Empress?
She worked here, you know.
I used to sit next to her desk.”

“S-sorry, sir!
Medevac may proceed!”

“Thank you so much.
Charlie Green, with due speed.”

And so Resistance Regiment
Managed to escape
It wouldn’t be the last time
That they would tempt fate…

In the heart of darkness
Blows reaching targets
Chris and Scepter fought
To see who hit hardest
Chris dodges
And Scepter blocks it and drops in
With fists, feet, elbows
And knees bringing scarlet
Time froze
And the ground became a meteor
Scepter grabbed a mound of dirt
And swung it speedier
He hit Chris with
A ton of dirty bricks–
Quite a dirty trick
But it’s the evil
That he’s worried with
Chris swings a fist
And breaks the rocks up
Scepter flies at him
Chris swings and he gets knocked up
Into the sky
Where they let fly the haymakers
Chris just waylays
With a couple of face-breakers
It’s a melee
The hate opened a gateway
It became plain
There’d never be a safe way
To put an end to
This struggle with his enemy
His hands glowing white
He embraced his full energy

You can’t hope
To change the situation!
Scepter said, “I am your
True manifestation!
We should have stood together
Like two towers
Now you will yield
To a much higher power!
And the very same chains
That you gave me
Will be used now to place
Yourself into slavery!
You can’t hate
The same thing you care about
That’s the path
You’ll now face within the Paradox!

Chris blasted him
With beams of white light
Kept blasting till he fell
Through the ground and out of sight
He pursued him
To the planet’s core
The heat was unbearable
They matched blows some more
Scepter grabbed Chris
Put hands on his throat
To another plane of
Existence they would go…

King Christopher
Took a small squad
To look for the Empress
She’d been gone too long:

“We should have given her
Proper guards,
Or at least some kind of escort
That was fully armed.”

“Your Highness, come in.
This is Theta Squad.
We’ve picked up a signal
And something’s kind of odd.
One life form, human,
I would say,
And located in the sector
Seven thirty-eight.”

“Copy that, Theta Squad–
We’re on our way.
Go meet the bomber
That let the ship escape.
And stay alert–
There were signs of a battle.
Garg could be out there
His army has scattered.”

The Empress could be in danger,
The King gathered,
As he looked out the window
His heart nearly shattered
A woman face down
Lying in the grass
With a pool of blood
Beneath her, spreading fast
“Land! Now!”
Came his command
And he raced from his ship
To take Thea’s hand
He turned her over
And her face was pale
He feared she wouldn’t live to
Tell of the tale….

Vader’s Back

Killer of billions
Murderer of children
Ultimate man in black
Is back as villain
Thought they killed him
Saved by his children
Armored and robed
Doesn’t care for civilians
The Deathtroopers
Bringing death to you
Soon as you hear his breath
You go stupid
And you’re hoping
The choking is quick
Even half of his past crimes
Make you feel sick
So play dead
When he stands in the doorway
Hope he doesn’t point
The dark side in your way

Rebel scum
Vader’s back
Vader’s back
Vader’s back

They made errors
On technological terrors
Exhaust ports
Exceeded the cost for it
And it must have struck
Vader as an irony
Kyber and machine combined
Like what’s inside of me
I grip the mic
And it’s like midichlorians
Speak with the force
That leaves you on the floor again
Make you wish
You could step through the door again
Raise a hand and stop you
Give you fatal problems
If they don’t give up the resources
We rob them
That’s called nationalizing
When we resolve them
You are clear to proceed–
It’s free parking
Stand there and wait
For the Grand Moff Tarkin
And while your Rebel resolve
Might be hardened
I’ll make you dirt
And spread you in my garden
We will choose your homes
To make examples
Give you more firepower
Than you can handle
Make your planet light up
Like a candle
Then crush you all
In the Empire’s mandibles

Rebel scum
Vader’s back
Vader’s back
Vader’s back

I was raised with
The scum and the villainy
Life as a slave
Never gave me humility
I was so good
At building things
Till the moment I learned
I was better at killing things
Life is so much simpler
When you fix it–
Look at how cool I got
From molten liquid
You try to look at me
But just ’cause you know who I am
Don’t forget to be
About running your mouth
Or a red lightsaber
Might end up sticking out
The Death Star
Is the culmination
Of the Emperor’s plans
To subjugate the vagrants
Of my strengths
Among them isn’t patience
If I want it done and
You fail, then I break heads
You might think
It’s a waste of life
But it’s just motivation
So they can get it right
And I’ll be back–
A key strategic moment
Catch me inside
Once the theaters are open

Rebel scum
Vader’s back
Vader’s back
Vader’s back


Just like
The echoes of a legend
Reach forward
From the past to the present
Rise up to fight
Like the peasants
Take the road that’s right
But unpleasant
The struggle is a climb
That brings out the best in
You, and if
You need more proof, then
You could spend a lifetime
Searching for the truth and
Never find it
The scars that reminded
You of all the traps
So keep an open mind when
You take the next step
Hoping for the next breath
Bracing yourself for the news
Of the next death
Some things in life
You accept
And as for the others
You fight for what’s left
Stuck with low hopes
Wonder how the soul copes
Little kids focused on
Problems of the grown folks
Life’s a rumble
We race and we stumble
Reach for the sky
When our troubles make us humble
But never know fear
Hold onto hope here
Now is the time to
Rise and shine so clear

Trust in myths
But we denigrate the gifted
Didn’t pay attention
When the sands shifted
Time will solve and
Rob us of problems
All pay the cost
Of all the lost knowledge
Can we trust
In the future of us
Or live in disgust
Of all that we’re discussing?
Are we the villain
That’s killing the children?
Rather we’d give them
The pathway to wisdom
But ignorance
The disease that we pass on
Lives far beyond us
Even when we’re long gone
Multiplies in the brain
Like a virus
And keeps us enslaved
To the evils inside us
Makes me fear
For the world that survives us
Take a deep breath
And dive for the survivors
And to resist the sickness
Takes the brave
It’s the courage of a fist
That takes us to a grave
So dig two
For me and for you
One for the fallen
And one who didn’t help to
Grab the hand
Show a better plan
Love is the choice
That makes a better man

The map of life
Has pleasures and treasures
Trials where we might
Divine the true measure
Of ourselves
‘Cause we all have tells
Self-made purgatories
Keep us in jails
On top of that
I know we all have tales
Stories we repeated
Whenever we failed
Though it didn’t feel right
Now we lost more light
And it keeps us up at night
But don’t sweat to death
Because the best is left
And you don’t have to accept
That what you get is less
You can fight for more
‘Cause what you’re fighting for
Is what this life is for
You have a right to more
And through the twists and turns
You have respect to earn
Why is that?
‘Cause the legend is present
We’re on a planet
That soars through the heavens
So don’t ever believe
That you’re irrelevant
Don’t go forgetting yourself
Be like an elephant
We’re the stone and the steel
Of the elements
The hope can be real
It’s a tale and we’re telling it
Every day
Is a new revelation
Hold to the way
Till we see the destination


Showing up to work
Like an abused kid–
Hungry and tired
And feeling kind of useless
Don’t care at all
But let’s do this
Oh wait, I can’t
I’m still kind of clueless
‘Cause I was waiting
For the bus, see
And a knee in my side’s
What I got from the bus seat
Not sure who to trust–we
Got cops on the side
Of the people killing us,
What do I want to do?
The boss walking by thinks
That I’m office stuffing
Got some pills from the doc
And I’m nauseated
Even when I eat
All I feel is a stomach aching
Memories coming back
From the past
Of a girl who rejected me
That made me sad
Back then, I guess
That made me mad
Made me write things that
I’d rather take back
Oh, no, I rhymed back twice
Seems about right
Now I’m lacking rhymes–nice
Don’t even know what Monday’s
Named after
Perhaps it’s the god of slavery
And captives

Oh, come on–
It’s not the crack of dawn
I think like an hour ago
Should’ve been gone
But I didn’t really
Sleep right
Well, at least the bed bugs
Managed to eat right
That’s the bane
Of the weeknight
And I envy the people
Lucky enough to sleep tight
I take the steamer
And I kill them
The bugs migrate
From the ceiling like pilgrims
Too many dishes in the sink
But I think
I just cleaned it out
A day ago or something
School hasn’t even
Started yet
So I haven’t even seen
The extent of how hard it gets
The bills are paid
And I’m near broke
When I see how fast
The cash goes, it’s a real joke
At least I haven’t been killed, though
I haven’t had time
To draw up my will, so
I don’t know who would get
All my stuff
But then, I don’t care
If I’m pushing flowers up
Hmm, maybe
That one was kind of morose
I’ve got food and shelter
And plenty of clothes
Even got a few
Television shows
Some still sitting in plastic
Kind of tragic
But I promise I won’t
Stay up laughing
It’s midnight again?
But how did that happen?

Dog tired
Can’t wait to retire
But after that afraid
I’m waiting to expire
Every day
Expecting to be fired
And for every new task
Another two required
Problem is
Can’t afford to get home
The fees for the bus, man
They crush like big loans
You go for broke
When you do the right thing
Holding onto hope
In these days is frightening
I take solace in my writing
But the words can’t fill
The hole there inside me
My wife says I’m about
Broken promises
Someone so small
With a void so bottomless
I could write up
A problem list
From the rent going up
To me asking if God exists
And if he’d even
Acknowledge it
I’m missing old friends
From the days of colleges
Wondering if the one
Passed me by
Added to the pile
With yet another lie
Fall into bed
Without even saying ‘good night’
Dreams in my head
With the echoes of a past life
Won’t be long
Till I hit the Snooze button
I think I hit it twice
But it always seems to do nothing
Don’t use no double negatives
On Monday
That would mean that two bad things
Happened in one day

Sick of It

Some people want to
Take the guns and bury them
Others want the right to
Walk around and carry them
I only wish that
The dead raised their voices
To cry out and get us
Up above all the noises
And make us give some thought
To our choices
And not let the evil
That lives in men destroy this
I’m getting sick of the pain
A little scared too
Many of the same type
Of things to compare to
From Orlando to Charleston
To Paris
And people still debating
Whether we should call ’em terrorists
When I read the replies
It’s embarrassing
If only the tears in our eyes
Could be medicine
How many more
Will be taken from us
Until we get to the point
We don’t know who to trust?
I’m at the point
Where I dive off the bus
‘Cause I don’t want to be
The one to die on the bus
If you just want to live
It takes guts
But we’ve got more to give
To get out of this rut
We can choose to
Keep our eyes shut
Or open them wide
Try to find hearts to touch

Here we are again
In the thick of it
Here at the end again
And I’m sick of it
And if it is the end
Then be quick with it
It doesn’t make sense
And I’m getting sick of it

We can blame
What we want to blame
Say what we want to say
But in the end it’s all done today
You can blame their faith
Or blame the gunplay
Does it really matter?
It only ends in one way
Might be we’ll figure out
For now we still roam about
Just like a runaway
People screaming out
To bring death to me
But sitting there silent
On the train next to me
Was it worth it?
Just to have a destiny?
We could have been neighbors
They’re scraping up what’s left of me
You can’t expect
To reason with these people
True believers, mentally ill
Or just evil?
At this point we’ve had
Enough sequels
Any more and there won’t be
Enough people
I classify us
An endangered species
Experts at self-extinction
Deep beneath these
My mistake
We’re the Planet of the Apes
We’d rather blow it up
Than actually save the race

Here we are again
In the thick of it
Here at the end again
And I’m sick of it
And if it is the end
Then be quick with it
It doesn’t make sense
And I’m getting sick of it

These lawmakers
Have armed protection
The rest of us don’t
So who’s there to protect us?
I would rather gather all guns
And burn ’em
Or make sure the people who hold them
Really earned ’em
Because the cat is out of the bag
I figure
We have to know people
Before they pull the trigger
Because a bullet is a
One-way trip
Another drink from the cup
That’s a one-way sip
The taste of blood
And it fills the lust of the media
Too many killers
In my encyclopedia
Used to be the person
We thought was bravest
Was the one who died
For our sakes to save us
But I don’t see a hint
Of a savior
All I see is all too human
Sick behavior
So you know what?
Just do me a favor
Stop killing people
And you can save your prayers
Or not
This is all that we’ve got
We got here
By means of the gun–have you forgotten?
You can stuff
Your ears up with cotton
Or offer up words
To your own private sovereign
But in the end
It doesn’t help to solve it
More dead people
And all the same problems

Here we are again
In the thick of it
Here at the end again
And I’m sick of it
And if it is the end
Then be quick with it
It doesn’t make sense
And I’m getting sick of it

I had to write out
The pain and the anguish
Do you get it?
Do we speak the same language?
Or am I just
Another person to aim at?
Another life gone and
Not worth it to save that
War was given to us
Then we gave back
We blew up their home
And now they’re sending hate back
They can export it
Just like a virus
We have been weighed and measured
Before Cyrus
And we will hear
An avalanche of sirens
We will shed tears
And be buried by violence
And anyone who speaks out
Is silenced
War and the Grim Reaper
Have an alliance
And so in turn
We watch the world burn
But it was no accident
We carried the matches in
And in time
There will be no pardon
The universe cares not
If we engage in arson
So you want to go there?
Be my guest
I’ll pull up a chair
And watch what comes next
Consider this
My formal protest
In the hopes that we all
Learn some self-respect

Here we are again
In the thick of it
Here at the end again
And I’m sick of it
And if it is the end
Then be quick with it
It doesn’t make sense
And I’m getting sick of it

Back to back
It’s police shootings
Protests and beef
What in the world
Are people doing?
I can’t understand the pain
As it undermines my brain
As it’s all insane
And never changes
And you know the thing
That’s the strangest?
I feel like they’re pulling the strings
Just to enrage us
And what’s to stop them
From rolling up slow
And driving a robot bomb
Up to our homes?
I guess it’s war
And anything goes
I thought we were different
I was wrong, I suppose
I’m feeling sad for
The boys in blue
And I’m mad that a father
Won’t see his kids grow, too
The fact is
What’s new about suffering?
People killing people
Every day like nothing?
Out here the streets are real
There’s no bluffing
Beat you in the face
Till you’re showing all your stuffing
And starvation still
In all nations
Walls being built
Out of fear of immigration
And vile hatred
From gods and from men
No hesitation
‘Bout killing off your kindred
Well instead
Of crossing off the been dead
I wish that
We’d call up what has been said
Those who take the sword
Will perish by it
And we can’t afford
To have our cherished dying
But in the end
My pen will do my crying
Hold onto hope
But can’t from lack of trying
I could say I believe
But I’d be lying
Nothing here for me
But sadness and sighing

Here we are again
In the thick of it
Here at the end again
And I’m sick of it
And if it is the end
Then be quick with it
It doesn’t make sense
And I’m getting sick of it

Merchandising (BB-8 parody of Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotize’)

I make volleyballs cry
‘Cause nobody wants to buy them
Me–I’m like iTunes is
To CDs
I put the First Order
In the hot water
Add a little oil
Then their goose is boiled
To Sphero and Target
I’m a hero
Got Artoo out of a coma
With my zeroes
And ones–binary
Like my funds
You pay double price
For my movies and my merchandise
My face could be
On bags of rice
People still lining up
With their pay to buy them
Even cats with plush toys
They like ’em
Ladies always want me
Rolling right beside them
Got maps
That weren’t found by Google
Even Five Below
Has got me if you’re frugal
Everybody knows
How I’m rolling
My slogan: With me
Every door is opened
Common in your household
More than the cold
Precious like gold
To the young and the old
More famous than the ball
That made Hanks cry
Making people rethink
Everything they buy
No surprise
Rolling through lows and highs
Coming with your Cheerios
Nuggets and your fries

Can’t you see?
You’re so perfect for
Our merchandising
Worth sixty portions
Every day
That’s why Leader Snoke
Is so afraid

I went to Takodana
Instead of McDonald’s
I went to Tatooine
And found their Burger King
I went to Jakku
And thought the First Order shot you
But by some miracle
It seems you got through
Poe, my good buddy
Saved by Finn–
AKA Mr. Big Deal
In the Resistance
This is what we look like
Some of us are different
All you haters–
Get used to it
A man dressed in green
Rolls me through all drama
Dodging TIE bombers
But from there
It doesn’t get any calmer
Riding on some garbage
Trying not to vomit
Because of Finn and Rey
The day’s saved
I like this scavenger
She is strong and brave
And people hating
Calling her a Mary Sue
Because she does things
They don’t know how to do
But I zealously defend
From the jealousy
Haters get shocked
Because they’re carbon copies
And I dare you
To come and try to stop me
I’m the one protecting
Lor San Tekka’s property
And just when
They think they got me
Poe blows ’em up
Whenever they’re getting sloppy

Can’t you see?
You’re so perfect for
Our merchandising
Worth sixty portions
Every day
That’s why Leader Snoke
Is so afraid

Quite spherical
Getting lyrical and empirical
My numbers on the rise
While you’re stumbling
Maybe a few critics
Can’t get with it
But I’m Certified Fresh–
Unlike you, I’m successful
Like I dress up in robes
And straight bless folks
Everybody knows
I’m here to cash checks, though
People make
Their oranges look like me
I could make a mint
With BB-8 Nikes
Will they ever shut me down?
Never likely
Kids give me hugs
Their moms, they want to write me
And while I get
Rounds of applause
All you other astromechs
Just get demolished
While you polish yourself
With spit shine
I’m getting turtle wax
Why?  I’m deserving that
Can’t define or divine
My design
Infinity symbol
Got game like Nintendo
But I’m taking over
All your platforms
So consider this
My first and last warning
Roll out–
BB-8’s the new legend
Sold out
Every day without exception
I stack paper like
Bakers stack cakes I’m
See me in The Force Awakens

Can’t you see?
You’re so perfect for
Our merchandising
Worth sixty portions
Every day
That’s why Leader Snoke
Is so afraid
Can’t you see?
You’re so perfect for
Our merchandising
Worth sixty portions
Every day
That’s why Leader Snoke
Is so afraid